These tutorials provide instruction on how to utilize Blackboard tools within your course content areas.


The Announcements page can be used for publicizing due dates for assignments/projects, changes to the syllabus, corrections of materials, and more.


Create coursework for your students that you can manage, grade, and provide feedback.


A Blog is a personal online journal that is updated regularly for public use. The purpose of Blogs are to encourage students to express their ideas. There is a commenting section below of the Blog for responses and interactions.


Use the course calendar to keep your students organized with all of the assignment, test, and discussion board due dates.

Collaborate Ultra Web Conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is the updated GSU web conferencing software. If you have a hybrid or online course, use Collaborate for prerecorded lectures, live lectures or office hours.


Creating contact information allows students know who is teaching the course. It also provides information such as phone number, email address, office hours, and any other information the Instructor may provide.

Course Messages vs Email

The default mode of "email" communication in Blackboard is Course Messages, which can be found in the left navigation menu in each course. As the Instructor, you may change this or may not use it at all, so make sure your students know how to get in contact with you.

Date Management

Automatically adjust dates in copied courses when you copy from a previous course.

Discussion Board

The discussion board is a tool for sharing opinions and suggestions about course material.


Journals are a private space students can use to communicate with you. This tool can also be used as a student self-reflective tool for opinions, ideas, etc.

Online Attendance

Record attendance for each student whether they are present, late, absent, or excused.


A rubric is a scoring tool that allows you to analyze graded material.


SafeAssign is a plagiarism detection software embedded into the Blackboard assignment tool.

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Tests and Surveys will allow you to measure the students knowledge of the material, progress, and other student information. Pools will allow you to gather questions from several tests to make one customized test.


Wikis allow students and Instructors to collaborate course related materials on one or more pages.