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  • Spring 2023 Term - Ends

    May 8, 2023 marks the last day of the Spring 2023 semester.

    Final Grades are due by May 15, 2023.

  • Course Creation and Instructor Enrollment

    Summer 2023 courses are created and ready for Instructors to build their online, hybrid, or web-enhanced courses.

    Students will not be enrolled into Blackboard until 05/01/2023, but will not have access to Summer 2023 courses until 05/15/2023.

  • Blackboard Cross-listing Deadline

    If cross-listing is not completed by the deadline, the system will create multiple Blackboard shells, which may be confusing to both students and instructors.

    If you cross-list before the deadline, however, there will be only one shell created in Blackboard. This is a better situation for both instructors and students, so that no confusion arises about what shell either instructors or students should be working in during the Spring semester.

    Please note: Once the cross-listing courses are entered into Colleague, please refrain from making any changes to the "primary course status" of the courses. Making changes to the cross-listed sections after the courses have been created, will also generate multiple courses in Blackboard. Doing so has major implications for Colleague, the Registrar and Blackboard.

    If changes occur after mid March, please contact so that we can make any appropriate adjustments.

    Your cooperation is highly appreciated by The Center for Teaching and Learning! We look forward to working with you for a successful Summer 2023 semester.

  • Spring 2023 Term - Begins

    Today marks the first day of the spring semester. Students will not be able to access spring 2023 courses in their Blackboard Course List until January 17, 2023. Please note, late start courses will be available in Blackboard on the date the late start course begins.