Welcome to a university that puts your passion first.

Here, you are.

About to soar.  Whether it’s a breakout freshman year that defines you at your best.  Or a continuation of an academic journey that refines your rightful place in the world.  Here, at Governors State University, your mission is our passion.

We put your needs at the center of it all by creating a unique university experience that identifies your strengths and shows you how to translate them into all aspects of living and learning.  Your integrity.  Your character.  Your intellectual curiosity.  Your bright light.  Each of these are respected and explored with caring faculty as they guide you through small classes based on big ideas, hands-on labs that hone valuable skills and real-world experiences that prepare you to make a global impact.

Here, you surround yourself with excellence designed to ensure you’re always exceptional. 

Nowhere else will you find human expression so entwined with academic stimulus. Let your imagination run among the giant works of art that make up our renowned Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park. Find your muse through concerts, plays, musicals and more in our Center for Performing Arts.  And give in to exuberance as you cheer on our GSU Jaguars.

Here, you are welcome.  And sure to feel fully engaged, fully alive and fully supported.

Here, you are.  Destined to succeed.

 Elaine P. Maimon, Ph.D.