You belong at GSU.

Your journey here will fuel your passions and help you discover your place in the world. By understanding and appreciating your strengths, our faculty and staff are uniquely qualified to present you with opportunities to enhance, refine, and hone the skills you already possess—as well as develop new skillsets.

Governor State University's bachelor's, master's, doctoral, online, certificate, and dual degree programs offer the breadth, rigor, structure, and knowledge essential for college, career, and life success, while offering the highest return on investment of any state university in Illinois. Located in the Southlands of Chicago, Illinois, GSU also provides world-class education at the lowest tuition and fees of any public, four-year state university, and our campus is the safest in the state.

Whether you’re a freshman, transfer student, graduate, doctoral candidate, or certificate seeker, you’ll find your fit at GSU. To schedule a pre-admission, appointment send an email to or call 708-534-4490 for more information.



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Prairie Place is an ideal home for any GSU student who wants to live and learn…all while staying connected to the campus.

<b>Admissions Events & Campus Visits</b>

Admissions Events & Campus Visits

Visit The Office of Admission here.

<b>Student Clubs and Organizations</b>

Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations at Governors State University enrich your educational experience, allowing you to gain and hone skills applicable to the classroom and life beyond.

<b>Admissions Staff</b>

Admissions Staff

Contact us! We’re here to make sure you get the assistance you need in navigating the admissions process quickly.