With a variety of ways to ensure you'll have an experience tailored to your unique journey, our guided pathways are focused on moving you toward fulfilling your dreams. While all freshmen are encouraged to choose one, freshmen AIM HIGH recipients are required to participate in one to meet their renewable criteria.

Health and Life Sciences Pathway

Health careers are among the fastest growing professions, projected to grow 19 percent by 2024.* Pursue your future health profession through our guided Health and Life Sciences Pathway, a pathway designed to prepare you for a range of opportunities in the allied health professions.

As a freshman in the Health and Life Sciences Pathway, you will work with your advisor to select courses best suited for a pre-health track or bachelor’s degree. As you move toward a career in the health and life sciences, choose from one of eleven tracks within the pathway, including biology, chemistry, nursing, pre-physical therapy, pre-occupational therapy, communication disorders, and others.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2015

GSU/PSC Nursing Track

If you are specifically pursuing a career in nursing, your pathway will take a slightly different route through a five-year curriculum. If you choose this track within the Health and Life Sciences Pathway, your first two years as an undergraduate student at GSU will fulfill your general education requirements and nursing preparation courses. During your third and fourth years, eligible students will complete an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Nursing at Prairie State College (PSC). You will then return to GSU as a registered nurse (RN) to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Guaranteed Professional Health Track

Students who seek a challenging pathway toward a career in the health professions are encouraged to apply for our highly competitive Guaranteed Professional Health Track. Acceptance into this track guarantees admission to our masters (occupational therapy and communication disorders) and doctoral (physical therapy) programs as long as GPA and curriculum requirements are met. In the case that you fall below the track’s criteria, you may still remain in the Health and Life Sciences Pathway.

Five-Year MBA Track

Earn a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Business Administration in just five years through our 4+1 MBA Track. Enroll in a highly structured track designed for students committed to achieving an MBA in less time. Customize a completion track that is right for you through a variety of online, hybrid, or on-campus classes. Choose from innovative MBA specializations such as business analytics, finance, leadership, and supply chain management, or work with your advisor to design your own unique concentration. For more information, visit http://www.govst.edu/GuaranteedAdmission/

Honors Civic Engagement Learning Community

If you’re still figuring out your career goals—or have different goals in mind— you can take advantage of our learning community designed for freshmen in the Honors Program. Across courses, you will delve into the themes of human dignity, justice, ethical integrity, and freedom. Your courses will be enhanced to encourage innovative thinking, interdisciplinary learning, and research or creative inquiry. Earn points toward completion of the Honors Program by taking part in research, conferences, and internships available on and off campus. Learn more about our curriculum at https://www.govst.edu/honors-curriculum/

Civic Engagement and Social Change Pathway

The Social Change and Civic Engagement Pathway provides an opportunity for students to develop an increased self-awareness through identity development.  Participants will engage in co-curricular opportunities to explore their identity through multiple dimensions of diversity and how they intersect. Additionally, this pathway will expose students to current societal matters through social justice education and service.   Students will realize the benefits of living in a multicultural world as they become more cognizant of how to become advocates and allies to ensure they are able to contribute and create welcoming and inclusive spaces.  

Male Success Initiative Pathway

The Male Success Initiative (MSI) is an intergenerational enrichment program designed to help male students create a game plan for their success at GSU and beyond whether they are a first year, returning or transfer student.  It focuses on employing strategies to assist in the retention and graduation of male students, particularly men of color.  MSI is committed to “Building Better Men for Greater Success” through weekly programming based upon four programming tenets to ensure participants have a holistic educational experience.  Civic engagement focuses on leadership development programs and community service efforts.  Cultural exploration concentrates on a wide range of opportunities to explore your creative, social, and intellectual ambitions through immersion in cultural activities and outings.  Curricular enhancement provides seminars focusing on study habits, time management, and learning styles, tutoring through peer to peer tutoring and study groups that encourage scholastic achievement.  Character enrichment encourages participation in activities that will increase self-awareness through social justice education while enhancing personal and professional development through mentoring.

Transformational Leadership Pathway

The Transformational Leadership Pathway provides an opportunity for leadership development through interactive and experiential activities.  Students will become better equipped to be effective leaders in the classroom, on campus and within our global community.  Leadership skills developed in this pathway include professional communication tactics, conflict and crisis management, group facilitation, and micro-counseling skills amongst others. Students will also garner a working knowledge of leadership theories, develop their leadership philosophy and implement a leadership initiative through their participation in this pathway.

Career Compass Exploration Pathway

GSU’s Four Year Career Compass takes you from the classroom to the boardroom with a customized step-by-step process designed to keep you on track from freshman through senior year. This particular AIM HIGH track provides an opportunity to experience an exciting journey to discover a place of professional and personal fulfillment, satisfaction, and contribution. It enriches a shift in campus culture, one that is focused on strengths based education, which has become part of an ongoing culture change for our campus community that allows our students to identify not only interests, but also natural talents that parlay into academic majors and lifelong pursuits. Near the end of your academic journey, we will walk you through the entire job search process, helping you craft a dynamic resume, identify valuable internships, and cultivate sure fire interview skills that wow hiring managers.