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General Education Requirements:
37 – 41 hours
Required Courses: 67 hours
Chemistry Selectives: 6 hours
Electives: 6 – 10 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Study Chemistry Near Chicago

The study of chemistry allows us to understand the world around us—it is known as the central science that connects all others. Governors State’s Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, approved by the American Chemical Society, equips students with foundational knowledge in the concepts of analytical, biochemical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry.

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All qualified graduates will receive certification from the American Chemical Society. Students qualify for certification by completing the program's degree requirements, including at least 6 semester hours of advanced courses and 500 laboratory hours.

Turn your passion for science into a career with Governors State University. Pursue a career as a chemist or take the next step toward a career in medicine with our chemistry degree program. Explore the program requirements, job prospects, and unique features of our program to see if it’s time to study in Chicago’s Southland. Join a tight-knit community of students and faculty eager to expand their knowledge in the sciences.

Chemistry is an exciting blend of theoretical principles, hands-on laboratory experience, and real-world applications. The chemistry courses you take at GovState provide a foundation for further knowledge in chemistry, biology or medical fields.

Courses in the sciences give you the knowledge, confidence, and skills you need for a range of positions. If you’re passionate about education, studying complex systems, or discovering new knowledge in the sciences, a BS in chemistry is the first step in your career.

You may not be ready to fully commit to a single career. Because of the diverse nature of careers in the sciences, a BS in chemistry is general in nature. Use these building blocks to start a career immediately or develop your passions and specialization further with a Master of Science or Ph.D. program. Our advisors can assist you in navigating the field and find an area of study and professional role you’re passionate about.

Combine courses in chemistry with biology, mathematics, engineering, and other fields to prepare for your new career. A major in chemistry pairs well with a minor or double major in one of these fields. As you start your course, ask about the steps required to apply for medical school or a master’s program in chemistry.

Courses and Requirements

To learn more about the program's requirements and courses, visit the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry's catalog page.

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Careers in Chemistry

Apply to our Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program to reach your career goals. There are many careers you can pursue with this broad base of scientific knowledge. Work with our faculty and dedicated advisors to ignite your passions and match them with a relevant career.

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For many chemistry students, a position in a laboratory is a reachable dream. Work as a laboratory assistant or technician before furthering your education and becoming a chemist. Working at the forefront of scientific research is a thrilling option for dedicated students.

If you’re passionate about science education, this may be your first stepping stone to education. Work with students or professionals to spread awareness of the benefits of scientific research. Come alongside researchers as a science writer, teacher, professor, or marketing professional and use your knowledge of chemistry to bridge the gap between researchers and the public.

A foundation of chemistry knowledge is also an excellent opportunity to advance your career in medicine. Train to enter medical school or launch a career as a nurse to put your knowledge of chemistry and biology to work caring for your community.

Chemistry graduates are employed in a variety of fields, including manufacturing, research, testing, waste management, and government positions. As increased attention is focused in fields such as energy, transportation, and electronics, demand for chemists and material scientists is anticipated to grow by seven percent over the next decade (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Jobs & Salaries

Your BS in chemistry is a stepping stone to a broad range of career options.

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Here are some common jobs and annual salaries you can work toward with your chemistry degree and, in some many cases, further education:

These roles apply the theoretical and practical skills of chemistry to a diverse set of problems. As a chemist, you can work with pharmaceutical companies, alternative energy corporations, or in a research facility. Chemistry teachers use their passion for the scientific process and chemical laws to inform the next generation of scientists. As a registered nurse, physician, or another medical professional, you’ll translate your scientific expertise into practical help and healing for those in your care.

Many roles require additional training, but a chemistry degree prepares you to further your education or start a career in an alternative field. Your study of advanced systems, complex analytical data, and other areas prepare you for a wide range of careers in business, finance, education, and other fields.

Entry-level roles in chemistry allow you to work alongside professionals with advanced degrees and training. Working as an assistant or technician allows you to gain practical experience before continuing your education to further your career.

For additional information, discuss your passions with our admissions team or faculty. These are only a few positions your chemistry training can prepare you for. Other government, nonprofit, or for-profit roles may be available to you with your advanced training in chemistry and the assistance of our highly trained faculty.

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Ready to take the next step in your journey? Find out more about our full program requirements, program faculty, and financial aid. Our admissions team works with you throughout the process of applying to our program and applying for financial aid. Join a friendly, diverse student population just outside of Chicago.

Move forward in your career or begin your training to become a professional in the sciences. Apply today to find your place in our BS in chemistry program at GovState. Explore Chicago’s Southland and discover what sets us apart. Enjoy affordable tuition, small class sizes, and professors dedicated to mentoring and training the future generation of scientists and medical professionals.

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Full Program Requirements

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