You will be surprised to learn that we have better equipment and labs than many schools our size. The chemistry and biology programs at Governors State University will prepare you to be competitive in the professional job market.

Together with a 22 million dollar laboratory wing renovation, Governors State University provides students with a diverse array of modern instrumentation and equipment in molecular biology, chemistry and biochemistry.   

Major Instrumentation and Equipment 

Chromatography/Biological Separations and Mass Spectrometry 

Agilent LC/MSD Trap XCT MS

Agilent 7890B/5977A GC/MS

Agilent 7890B GC

Agilent 1100 Series LC

Agilent 1260 Infinity

HP 1050 LC DAD 

HP 1050 LC UV/VIS (for maintenance training)

Hitachi 7000 series LC UV/VIS

HP 5890 GC (multiple for maintenance training)

Gow-Mac Series 580 GC (multiple for maintenance training)

SP 200I syringe pumps (multiple)

Biorad Continuous Election Electrophoresis Mini Prep System

Millipore Scepter cell cytometer



Bruker Avance 300 NMR spectrometer

Thermo Fisher iS-5 FT-IR spectrometer

Nikolet 4700 FT-IR spectrometer

Perkin Elmer Pinnacle 500 atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Perkin-Elmer Lambda-35 UV/Vis spectrometer

Ocean Optics UV/VIS/fluorometer

Hitachi F-2500 fluorometer

Thermo Spectronic 200 spectrophotometers (multiple)

Leica Mark II Plus Refractometer


Plate Readers/Bacterial Identification

Biotek Synergy H1 multimode microplate reader

Biotek Epoch Microplate Reader

Biotek ELX 800 Microplate Reader

Biolog MicroStation bacterial identification system



Nikon TE2000-U inverted live cell fluorescence microscope

Nikon Eclipse 80i fluorescence microscope

Olympus BX51 fluorescence microscope

Leica Leitz DMRB dark field microscope 

Amscope inverted microscope

Nikon SMZ 1000 Boom dissecting microscope

Leica Cryomicrotome

Leica teaching microscopes (multiple)


Molecular Biology/Biochemistry      

Biorad MyIQ real time PCR

Stratagene Robocycler thermocycler

Biorad C1000 Touch thermocycler

Biorad Chemidoc MP gel imaging system

Biorad Gel Doc XR image densitometer

Shimadzu TOC-V total organic carbon analyzer

Li-cor 4300 DNA analyzer

Biorad Protein Tetrad mini protein gel units (multiple)

Biorad Mini Transblot

E-gel DNA gel units (multiple)

Biorad DNA slab gel units (multiple)

Biorad power supplies (multiple)

Savant -70 cold trap/freezer dryer/concentrator

Thermo tissue culture hoods (multiple)

Thermo Fisher CO2 incubator for cell culture (multiple)

Bio Cane 34 Cryogenic storage

-70 freezer

Tuttnauer autoclaves (multiple)

Thermo Precision GP 10 bath

Fisher Isotemp 205 bath

Boekel microplate shaker

Life Technologies Hula mixer

VWR Incubator/Rocker

VWR vortex mixer (multiple)

Thermo and Rainin Multichannel liquid delivery pipettors (multiple)

 Rainin and Eppendorf Micropipettes (multiple per biochemistry/molecular biology area)

 VWR Galaxy Mini centrifuge (multiple)

 Fisher Micro V centrifuge

 Thermo Legend micro-centrifuge

 Eppendorf 5810 centrifuge

 Eppendorf 5804-R centrifuge

 Sorvell RC5C large scale centrifuge

 Beckman GS-15R centrifuge (multiple)

 Thermo Micromax centrifuge


Miscellaneous Chemistry and Teaching Equipment

IKA ETS D5 thermostatically controlled hotplate for organic synthesis

Polystat recirculating bath (multiple)

Precision Scientific viscosity bath

Wilmed Rotary evaporator (multiple)

Ohaus balances (multiple)

Mel-Temp melting point apparatus (multiple)  

Oakton Ion 700 pH meters (multiple)

Accumet duel channel conductivity, pH and DO meter

Millipore UV-R water purification system (multiple)

Cleantech dry box

Thermo Lindberg Blue M Furnace

Parr solution calorimeter

Optical Activity polarimeter

Thorlabs optical benches (multiple)

MakerBot Replicator 3D printer with 3D scanner

Multiple Large format 47-50 inch LED displays for teaching


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