Crawford Honors College - Governors State University

Greetings and Welcome!

Dr. David Rhea

The Honors College experience at GovState will make a lasting impact on your life.

Whether you aspire to become a Ph.D. or a CEO, the Dr. Curtis J. and Mrs. Gina Crawford Honors College will help you reach your goals and potential. Since I have led the Honors Program, now the Crawford Honors College, I have seen first-hand this is the place where high achieving peers meet to chart new paths toward growth and achievement.

Explore the exciting opportunities available to this select group of students and read about who we are and what we believe. If you think you have what it takes to be a Dr. Curtis J. and Mrs. Gina Crawford Honors College student, we’d love to connect with you.

David M. Rhea, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of the Dr. Curtis J. and Mrs. Gina Crawford Honors College

Who We Are

  • Exceptional. Honors College students win prestigious scholarships that help fund participation in the College.
  • Marketable. Honors College students become successful professionals who make an impact in their spheres of influence.
  • Leaders. Honors College students thrive in leadership roles on and off campus.
  • Scholars. Honors College students experience a challenging and unique learning environment.
  • Global Citizens. Honors College students participate in the Rome study abroad program.


Crawford Honors Leadership Scholars Initiative 3.8+/4.0
Crawford Honors College 3.65-3.79/4.0

*Eligibility is highly competitive, meeting typical minimum requirements does not guarantee entrance to the Honors College. Likewise, the Honors College reserves the right to consider applicants with credentials below these minimums.