This calculator will help determine estimated tuition and fees for Academic Year 2024-2025 and is not an invoice nor contract.

Governors State University tuition and fees are among the lowest in Illinois, giving you even more value to your education without sacrificing quality.

All residents of the United States are charged with resident tuition rates. Courses that are online/off-campus are also assessed with resident tuition rates regardless of the student’s residency, with the exception of Undergraduate Non-U.S. Residents taking 12 credit hours and above. Undergraduate Non-U.S. Residents taking 12 credit hours and above are charged the applicable flat rate for Non-U.S. Residents regardless whether courses are taken on-campus or online/off-campus. Tuition and Fee Information can be found at this link

For the Academic Year 2023-2024 Tuition Calculator, please click here

Intended Degree Totally Online/
Off-Campus Programs
Residency #Number of Credit Hours

Graduate Administration Fee
Student Center & Recreation
Strategic Initiative
University Facilities
Campus Access & Safety Fee
Health and Wellness
Instructional Support (Online/Off-Campus Services)
We CARE (Student to Student Aid)
Student Support & Services
                                  Total Fees
                                  Total (Tuition + Fees)

Certain classes may be assessed with a course fee. The tuition calculator above does not include any of the course fees. Students can refer to their class schedule on Student Self-Service to see if their classes are assessed with a course fee.