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Innovations in behavioral and mental health begin with deep research on the human mind. Governors State’s Master of Arts in Psychology prepares you to make a difference in the lives of your community members as you develop the specialized knowledge and ethical standards needed to help patients overcome psychological dysfunction through appropriate assessment and treatment. The Psychology M.A. is tailored to fit your personal and professional goals.  To get more information about the program please follow the link to MA Psychology Handbook (Rev. 5/21).

In this program, you will be trained as both scientist and practitioner. Obtain the comprehensive understanding of content, theories, and methodological approaches needed to practice psychology in the clinical setting.

Reach your career goals.

With the M.A. degree in psychology you will be prepared to work as a clinician, in research settings or in teaching positions at the community-college level. Most careers in the psychology profession require a degree beyond the undergraduate level. With a Psychology M.A., you will be prepared to enter the field directly as a clinician or to pursue an advanced graduate degree.

Why get a Master of Arts in Psychology?

Professionals in the field of psychology make a difference at every level—from the individual to the family to the community. Your work changes lives, and your impact on the community starts here.

Data collected in 2018 lists the national median salary for marriage and family therapists with an M.A. degree to be $50,090 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Delivery Format

Train to serve as a Clinical Psychologist in our 54-credit hour sequence designed to prepare you for a variety of clinical venues.

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Dr. Lamise Shawahin
Program Coordinator, Assistant Professor
Office Location: G388

  • Kristen-Efintis

    Kristen Efantis, Clinical Psychology Program, Class of 2018

    The feeling of community that my professors have created in their classrooms has been the most influential factor in creating the ideal environment to be challenged, to ask vital questions, to think deeply about people, and to become introspective about myself—all of which are paramount skills for any aspiring mental health practitioner. My GSU experience has empowered me to continue my learning by earning a doctoral degree so that I may continue to be challenged and to sharpen my skills, just as I have been at GSU.

  • Christienne-Dyslin

    Dr. Christienne Dyslin, M.A., Associate Professor

    As a professor for the M.A. in Psychology program, one of my great joys has been having the opportunity to witness, and sometime actively participate in, our students’ intellectual and emotional development as they move through their academic journeys with us. It is always gratifying to hear from former students and learn how they are contributing to the betterment of society by serving in their roles as therapists, teachers, program directors, or going on to continue their graduate education in a doctoral program in clinical psychology.

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