The deadline to apply for the program is March 15th, students are ONLY admitted in the fall semester. Applications will not be accepted for summer or spring semesters.

Admission to the program is determined by the program faculty and they reserve the right to request personal interviews.  It is the student’s responsibility to begin the process early and follow up with the various institutions and individuals who must submit supporting documentation.

Need an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher or an average G.P.A. of at least 3.0 in the last 60 hours of undergraduate course work.


In addition to meeting university admission criteria, applicants must have these or comparable prerequisites.  Need an overall G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, no grade lower than a “C” and no more than two grades of “C,” in undergraduate courses from a regionally accredited college/university that are comparable to:

  • Personality Theories (PSYC 2410),
  • Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 3520) OR
    • Principals of Learning and Behavior (PSYC 3524),
  •  Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 3430), 
  • Social Psychology (PSYC 2345),
  • Child Development (PSYC 3201) OR
    •  Lifespan Development (PSYC 2201)
  • Applied Research and Statistics (PSYC 4750) OR
    • Research Methodology (PSYC 2150)
  •  Psychology Statistics (PSYC 3150)

Please note, these courses are prerequisites and cannot be used to fulfill degree requirements of the M.A. program and may be taken at another institution.

Special Admission Requirements

Applicants not meeting one of the above-noted admission criteria are eligible to petition for conditional admission to the program. Applicants choosing to petition should include a letter with the supplementary admission materials. Faculty recommend letter, include discussion of the factors contributing to the academic achievement and why those factors could be judged by the faculty as successfully remediated. Faculty reserve the right to require additional coursework (for example, PSYC 3120 or other undergraduate psychology courses) as a condition of admission. 

Demonstrate evidence of satisfactory professional writing and analysis by one of the following: a grade of “B” or higher in PSYC3120 (Thinking and Writing in Psychology) or its equivalent**.   THIS SHOULD NOT TO BE CONSIDERED A PREREQUISITE?


IMPORTANT!  Getting your application in early increases your chances of successfully proceeding through the application process but waiting until the deadline decreases your ability to submit any missing documents and, therefore, it may cause your application to be denied. Getting your application in early does not increase your admission chances; it does ensure accuracy. COMPLETE means all required documents were submitted, statement of character signed, required transcripts have been received, statement of purpose included and three (3) reference forms included.


Access the admission’s portal MA Psychology Program Application, create a profile and begin the application process. 


Read the information carefully and answer all questions.


Statement of Purpose - Provide a statement of the applicant’s purpose in seeking a master’s degree in Psychology and his/her long-term goals (applicants should be aware that faculty also evaluate this statement as a professional writing sample).


Statement of Character – Need to read, answer all the questions, and sign.  Answering yes to any of the questions on this document requires a written explanation.


Official undergraduate transcripts– An incomplete set of transcripts can result in your application being denied.  Note if you attended GSU more than five (5) years ago, it is necessary to submit new transcripts.  GSU official transcripts are not required!

STEP 6: 

Personal Reference Forms (3)– Complete the information necessary to acquire the forms of references.  You will need the email addresses of all three individuals.  Once the form(s) is returned, it will be attached to your application. 

Ask three professionals/professors who can speak to the applicant’s academic and/or professional capabilities in the field of Psychology to complete the reference forms.  Letters of recommendation do not replace the official forms.

STEP 7:International Students Only

Office of International Services Follow this link, and it will provide you with the necessary instructions to make sure your application is processed correctly.  This department also can provide any necessary support.  

  •  Copy of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) results (if applicable)

    STEP 8: 

    Once you have completed the application, submitted all documents, and paid your fee, please send an email to Jeanetta G. Edwards - Graduate Academic Advisor assuring you received any updates or notifications regarding the process. 

    Application Fee

    The university requires a $50.00 application fee for all GSU graduate applications.

    Admission to Candidacy

    Once a student has completed PSYC6110, PSYC6160, PSYC6221, and PSYC6229 with a grade of “B-” or better they are then allowed to apply for candidacy.  Note faculty will assess each student and complete an evaluation form in each course that will be given to the Clinical Coordinator. 

    Student needs to review the Important Dates to Remember as it provides deadlines for FA/SP/SU on when to apply.  The candidacy committee will review the applications and the Clinical Coordinator will advise students of their candidacy status within six weeks of application. Candidacy review is one of several evaluative steps to help ensure program objectives are being satisfied and student outcomes are being reached. Students should refer to the Handbook for Graduate Students: Master of Arts in Psychology for further details. 

    Degree Requirements

    Students must meet all university requirements for an M.A. degree.  In addition, students must:

    1. Maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0 or higher, with a grade of “C” or better in each course, and have no more than two courses with a grade of “C”.  
    2.  Receive a passing score on the program comprehensive examination.  
    3.  Receive positive endorsements from the faculty.

    Contact Us

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    Office Location: G388

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