Quick Facts

General Education Requirements
for the Professional Educators License
License with an Elementary Endorsement
(Grades 1 – 6): 49 – 51 hours
Professional Education Courses for
Elementary Education: 65 hours
Total: 123 – 127 hours

Middle Grades (5-8) and ESL/Bilingual Endorsements: 6 additional content hours
Full Program Requirements

Earn Your Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education Near Chicago

At Governors State University, we want our students to succeed in their education and professional lives. With an exceptional and accessible education, they are prepared with the confidence and the skills needed to do that. The opportunities for students getting an elementary education degree prepare them to be stewards of the future of our communities. With inclusiveness and diversity, we encourage personal, cultural, civic, and professional growth. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or have made a detour on your path, we’re proud you’ve chosen Governors State University for your Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education.

Why Study Elementary Education?

The elementary school years lay the foundation for lifelong learning. Governors State’s Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education expands candidates' knowledge of elementary grades curricula and pedagogy through classroom instruction, field and clinical experiences, and a student teaching experience. Elementary Education candidates may also elect to pursue certification to teach in the middle grades (5-8) or English language learners (ESL/Bilingual). Some other reasons to study elementary education include:


  • Sharing a Passion – Chances are, as someone who wants to teach the next generation, you have a love of learning. Pursuing a BA in elementary education is one way you can share that passion with others. Not only will you and your fellow students enjoy learning together, but you’ll also get the chance to pass that love of learning on to future students.
  • Flourishing in Educating – Educating includes more than just presenting information to an audience. To really flourish as an educator, it takes a high-quality education where you can learn historical issues, contemporary instruction, behavioral tendencies, and more. With all of these tools, you’ll become a better educator.
  • Getting in on the Action – Through the field and clinical experiences, as well as your experience in student teaching, you get in on the action of true teaching. You are able to apply some of the concepts you have learned, and you have a chance to see what it’s like in a real classroom. This also gives you direction on how you might organize a classroom.


Student Involvement

Chapters of the Student Education Association (SEA) and Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) honor society are highly active student organizations at Governors State. Each semester, students participate in community outreach efforts, such as support for literacy development, disaster relief, and workshops for educators.

Reach Your Career Goals

The employment of elementary teachers is expected to grow over the next decade—and Illinois is one of the top five states with the highest employment level of elementary teachers (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).

Jobs Salaries You Can Get With an Elementary Education Degree

Obviously, with an elementary education degree, you could get a job as an elementary school teacher. Teachers are responsible for putting together lesson plans that keep the students up to date with the current curriculum. Elementary school teachers participate in discipline while also instilling confidence in their young students. The current average elementary school teacher salary is $48,000. If this is the reason you went into the education program, but now you want to head in another direction, there are some other jobs you might be able to secure with a degree in elementary education.

Curriculum Designer

Depending on the school district, you may be able to become a curriculum designer with a BA in elementary education. Designers are responsible for understanding a specific subject inside and out. They would be required to create a curriculum that would be easy to follow for most elementary school teachers. Curriculum designers can earn up to $62,000.

Corporate Trainer

Elementary school teachers have a way with words, which is essential to getting the students to listen. With this skill, you could be a corporate trainer. Trainers understand how to teach in a way that engages the audience. As a trainer, you might do some traveling, develop training programs, and work with school administrators to improve communication with employees in the school. Corporate trainers typically make a salary of around $56,000.

Recreation Administrator

Elementary-aged kids need a lot of time to be active, and many of them enjoy that part of their day the most. As a recreation administrator, you might plan the social and physical events that take place in a particular school or district. You might work at a summer school, summer camp, boarding school, or public elementary school. Recreation administrators could make around $50,000 each year.

Preschool Administrator

If you want to work with young children but not in an elementary school, you might enjoy working as a preschool director or administrator. In this position, you would work with students, their parents, and other preschool teachers, coming up with goals and finding ways to achieve them. You might develop lesson plans and curriculums to help your preschool children get ready for kindergarten. Preschool administrators make an average salary of $41,500.

Homeschool Consultants

Many homeschool parents want the best for their kids but don’t know how to give that to them. As a homeschool consultant, you can guide those parents so they understand where their children should be each year. You might help them find curriculums and refine their teaching processes. You might help parents understand the benchmarks a child should be at and at what age they should reach certain goals. If a child decides to transition into public school, you could serve as a liaison between the family and the school. As a homeschool consultant, you could make around $64,000 per year.

Contact Governors State University

When you come to Governors State University to continue your education, you are welcomed with open arms. Our goal is to help every student feel accepted, as well as to give them all the skills, knowledge, and confidence required to succeed in life. As an elementary education major, your role is an essential part of every community, and we’re excited to help you find that inner teacher in you. If you’re seeking a BA in elementary education, contact us at 708-534-4490 to talk about admissions or learn more about the program.

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Glenna Lambert Howell, PhD, Psy.D.
Elementary Education Program Coordinator
Associate Professor


Eileen Lally

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