Academic support resources available to students at GSU.

  • Library


    The University Library is in the D Building. Use the university's Main Entrance and walk straight through until you reach the stairs and elevator. Go up to the 2nd floor and you will have arrived at the library's entrance.

    Additional Resources:
    GCF LearnFree – Self-paced tutorials on tech basics, Microsoft Office, and more! Really well done and easy to understand.
    Digital Skillup – Lots of free, self-paced courses on topics including VR, AI, and robotics; many available in languages other than English
    Digital Travelors – Self-paced courses, users have to create an account
    ConnectSafely – Online security/privacy/content info on a variety of topics; includes guides for parents and seniors

    Hours: Hours may vary, please access the library's website below
    Phone: 708.534.4111

  • GSU Star


    GSU Star is the system by which instructors and advisors can communicate with students as well as report attendance and academic progress.

    About GSU Star:
    GSU Star Log-in:

  • Academic Advising


    GSU has advisors for all departments at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

    All appointments will be via telephone or other virtual methods until further notice; and if by telephone, we will call the number listed in the portal, unless another number is given. Please see the website below for information on how to schedule a session.

    Academic Advising:

  • Writing Center


    The Writing Center provides students the resources necessary to become confident, effective writers and self-directed learners. This is accomplished through encounters with students that focus on organization, content development, argumentation, proper formatting, and citation in their written work. The Writing Center helps students at every stage of the writing process and encourages them to view writing as a craft they must master through revision, reading, and perspective. The goal of the Writing Center is to help students use writing as a skill that can inspire their lifelong learning, career advancement, personal fulfillment, and civic engagement.

    Please see the website below for information on how to schedule a session.

    Writing Center:

  • Math, Statistics, Science and Business Tutoring


    Through the Academic Resource Center, peer tutors are available to assist students in all first year math and science courses, as well as a number of elective and upper division courses.

    Please see the website below for information on how to schedule a session.

    Academic Resource Center:,_Statistics,_Science_and_Business_Tutoring/

  • Registrar's Office


    The Registrar is where students register for classes, add/drop, apply for graduation, update official contact information, and receive transcripts.

    Hours: Hours may vary, please access the registrar's website below
    Phone: 708.534.4500

  • Bookstore


    The Governors State University Bookstore managed by Follett, sells textbooks, GSU and Jaguar apparel, and other academic supplies.

    Hours: Hours may vary, please access the bookstore's website below
    Phone: 708.534.4558

  • GSU InScribe Jaguar Circle


    What is Jaguar Circle:
    Governors State has partnered with InScribe to create a new online space available to all General Studies students. This space will allow students to share knowledge, establish connections, and find answers to questions

    How will Jaguar Circle be Accessessed:
    Jaguar Circle will be in select courses in Blackboard. Students will click the link, InScribe Community, on the left side of the navigation. They may also access the community using this url:
    Students are provisioned to the community through the LTI launch (going through Blackboard) or by signing in using their GSU Username and Password (Single Sign On).

    Purpose of Jaguar Circle:
    Jaguar Circle is an optional space for students to use to connect to information and each other. Jaguar Circle is not graded or mandatory to use.

    Why Jaguar Circle and InScribe:
    Communication is key and we are using this community as a place to open up additional pathways for students to find practical solutions, answers, and to connect with each other. Research has proven that students who participate in this type of space experience greater feelings of belonging and have improved outcomes.

    Moderation of Jaguar Circle:
    Student Success coaches and a few staff members will help monitor the space to ensure it is a safe, inclusive environment. This space is meant for students to connect and help each other.