Video is a very powerful tool that can enhance your course, but these types of files are large. We recommend to keep videos within 5-10 minutes, not only for file size, but to preserve your student's attention. If you have a lot of content to cover, chunk the videos into several smaller videos, instead of one large video.

YouTube is a free media streaming server. All you need is a Gmail account to sign in. You may create personalized videos and add to YouTube as Unlisted, so only those individuals will be able to view the videos. You may add to your Blackboard course by sharing the Unlisted link or embedding the YouTube player.

  • Create YouTube Video


    You may create a video on your computer or from a mobile device. If you are doing a quick announcement video, a mobile device might be the quickest way to record and upload to YouTube. If you are recording from a computer, you may need to download recorder/editor software, such as Camtasia, Active Presenter or Screencastify. GSU does have limited licensing to Camtasia. Please contact the GSU Helpdesk for further questions regarding Camtasia. Active Presenter and Screencastify are free with limited functionality.

    Open the Create YouTube Video web tutorial to learn more.

  • Set Video Privacy Settings to Unlisted

  • YouTube Captions

  • Add YouTube Video to Blackboard Course