From any Blackboard content area action menu, you will have the ability to add web links, course links, and files using the Built Content button.

  • Create Item


    This tutorial will discuss how to create Blackboard Items, which are read only text. Items are useful to display learning objectives, readings, and welcome videos.

    Open the Create Item text tutorial to learn more.

    For an example on how to create a short video using Collaborate Ultra and add as an Item in Blackboard, please view the How to Create a Video Welcome Message.

  • Create File


    This tutorial will discuss how to upload files from your computer or your Blackboard course's File Manager and add to a content area. Files are useful if you would like to share documents with students. These files can be opened in a supported web browser or downloaded to the students computer to open with the appropriate software.

    Open the Create File text tutorial to learn more.

  • Create Web Link

  • Create Learning Module

  • Create Course Link

  • Create Content Folder

  • Move Items