Discusses and deliberates strategies pertaining to teaching, research, and faculty service.

Includes Unit A faculty members elected and appointed from the colleges, University Library, and Unit A and Unit B faculty at-large, to staggered two-year terms; one member of each constituency must be tenured (Bylaws IX-1A; Standing Rules IV-2; UFS Resolutions 2017-18 #10 and 2020-21 #3). For more information, contact Cheun-Yeong Lee (clee6@govst.edu).

Stephen Wagner*(2022-24)(COB Dean's Appointment) 
Mary Lanigan*(2022-24)(CAS Dean's Appointment) 
Nicole Bing*(2022-24)(CHHS Dean's Appointment) 
Li-Wei Peng*(2023-25)(CEHD Dean's Appointment) 
Cheun-Yeong Lee(2022-24)(CEHD)Chair
Joshua Sopiarz*(2022-24)(UL Dean's Appointment) 
Christopher Dignam(2022-24)(At-large Unit A) 
OPEN(2023-25)(At-large Unit A Provost’s Appointment) 
OPEN(2023-25)(At-large Unit B Provost’s Appointment) 
Matthew Covic(2022-24)(At-large Unit B Provost’s Appointment)