Class Collaborate is GSU’s web conferencing software, which allows Instructors to interact with students virtually. Instructors may setup virtual office hours, live lectures, or pre recorded lectures.

Students may access the content below individually or altogether on the Students: Class Collaborate Quick Guide.

  • Browser Support


    Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are the recommended internet browsers for Class Collaborate. Similar to any other software, it is recommended to update these browsers often. Outdated software may make things not function as they should.

    Open the Class Collaborate Browser Support web tutorial to learn more.

  • Where to Access


    You may access Class Collaborate from within a Blackboard course or from a Guest Link provided by the Instructor.

    Within a Blackboard course:
    1. Login to with your GSU username (email address and password.
    2. Select a course from the My Courses list.
    3. Select the Class Collaborate link (or another title similar) in the left navigation menu. This link is made available/unavailable by your Instructor.
    4. Select the appropriate session. The Instructor will either use the Course Room or they will create a new scheduled session.
    5. Select Join Course Room (if left idle for a few moments will turn to Get secure link). The session will open in a new tab within your internet browser.
    Using a Guest Link:
    1. Select the link provided in the Blackboard course (most likely in the Announcements section) or GSU email/Course Messages. The Class Collaborate session will open in a new internet browser tab.
    2. Enter your name to join the session as a Guest. It’s highly recommended to use the first and last name listed in the Blackboard course, so your Instructor can award points to the appropriate person.
    3. Click Join Session.

    Open the Class Collaborate Where to Access text tutorial to learn more.

  • Roles


    There are three main roles within a Class Collaborate session:
    Participant: By default, Students will have this role, which has access to chat, use audio/video (if Instructor enables this privilege), and draw on the Whiteboard/Shared Files (if Instructor enables this privilege).
    Presenter: By default, no one has this role. Instructors may upgrade a Participants role to Presenter. As a Presenter, you have access to all the same privileges as a Participant and access to Share Content (i.e. Whiteboard, Application Sharing, and Share Files).
    Moderator: By default, only Instructors have access to this role. Moderators have full privileges to the session.

    Open the Class Collaborate Roles web tutorial to learn more.

  • Session Best Practices


    Similar to a face to face classroom, make sure you have proper etiquette for web conferencing. Simple things, such as turning off your microphone when not speaking, turning off your webcam when you don't need to be seen, joining a session on time or early are just a few best practices for best experience and making a strong impression in a virtual setting.

    • Quiet Area: When you are about to enter a Collaborate session, be sure you are in a quiet environment. This will help reduce echoes or loud feedback that you do not have control over.
    • Audio options: If a microphone/headset is not available, you may dial-in, using the Collaborate phone number provided by the instructor (long distance rates may apply).
    • Mute your microphone: Mute (or turn off) your microphone when not in use. This will ensure that you are not speaking over the speaker.
    • Strong Internet Connection: Since audio and other multimedia is being shared to your device, please make sure you have a strong internet connection. A wired connection is recommended, but WiFi and mobile data will work.
    • Close unnecessary programs: It is recommended to close other unnecessary programs to help Class Collaborate run more smoothly.
  • First Time Access


    Before accessing Class Collaborate, please make sure you have a good internet connection, a current recommended browser (i.e. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox) and close down other programs. This will provide an overview of Class Collaborate.

    Open the Class Collaborate web tutorial to learn more.

  • Tools and Navigation


    Navigate through Class Collaborate and find the tools available to you, such as the Session menu tools (three lined icon, located top left of screen), Content presentation tools (four icons, located bottom center of screen) and Collaborate panel tools (purple arrow icon, located lower right corner of screen).


    Open the Class Collaborate Tools and Navigation text tutorial to learn more.

  • Use Audio and Video In Session


    Since Class Collaborate works through internet browsers, you will have to give permission to allow the browser to access your microphone (audio) and webcam (video).

    Open the Class Collaborate Use Audio and Video text tutorial to learn more.

  • Call Into Sessions


    If you cannot connect using your computers audio, you may use the Class Collaborate telephone option. This will not allow you to view the session, but you will at least be able to hear the session. In order to use this option, your Instructor will have to provide a number and pin. Please note that this is a U.S. Virginia number, so long distance/international fees may apply.


    Open the Class Collaborate Call Into a Session text tutorial to learn more.

  • Chat


    If you cannot connect using your computers audio, you may use the Class Collaborate chat option. This tool uses text based responses. You have the option to chat with everyone or chat privately (with a single individual).


    Open the Use Class Collaborate Chat text tutorial to learn more.

  • Share Content


    This tutorial will discuss how to share PowerPoint presentations, PDF files, picture files, desktop, or application in Class Collaborate. These options are available for Presenter or Moderator roles only.


    Open the Class Collaborate Share Content text tutorial to learn more.

  • Record Sessions


    If your Instructor wants you to present materials to the class or pre-record a presentation, you may do so with the Presenter/Moderator role (recording option only available with Moderator access). Enter the session, share content (i.e. file or application share), turn on your microphone and record. Your Instructor is the one who provides you with the privileges to record a session. If you do not see the option available in the session and you require this functionality, please reach out to your Instructor.


    Open the Class Collaborate Record Sessions text tutorial to learn more.

  • Recordings


    You may access the Recordings from Class Collaborate homepage menu (three lined icon, located top left corner). This will open a menu so you can toggle between Sessions and Recordings. Simply click the appropriate recording link to view. Your instructor determines if these recordings are downloadable.


    Open the Class Collaborate Recordings text tutorial to learn more.

  • Troubleshooting


    Since Class Collaborate is hosted within a web browser, we do recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for best use. In the event you experience technical issues, you may try using the troubleshooting techniques provided below.