From admission to graduation, your academic advisor is your partner towards success. Whether you need help choosing your major or locating any of the university's resources, you will receive guidance from your academic advisor to ensure you're on the best path towards graduation and prepared for life beyond GSU. Reach out to your advisor or schedule an appointment today to make sure your academic journey is on track to greatness.

Student Expectations

As a student, you are expected to carry out the following responsibilities to ensure you receive the adequate advising services you need for success:

  • Keep track of all of your advising materials
  • Come to advising appointments prepared with questions
  • Fully understand your degree requirements and how to access university and program policies and procedures
  • Be fully aware of all deadlines. Check the University Academic Calendar regularly
  • Accept responsibility for your actions, decisions, and academic performance
  • Check your GSU e-mail regularly

Advisor Expectations

Academic advisors must meet the following expectations to ensure you are receiving the appropriate guidance towards graduation:

  • Assist students with planning academic programs
  • Communicate the programs curriculum, requirements, policies and procedures
  • Provide an advising environment that is open, respectful and supportive
  • Maintain confidentiality (as per FERPA regulations)
  • Encourage and support students in fulfilling their academic goals

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