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You may leave a phone message for the Academic Resource Center at 708.534-4090 or for Career Services at 708-235-3974. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.


Departments can be reached at the following emails:

Academic Resource Center – arc@govst.edu

Career Services – career@govst.edu

Student Disability Services – assd@govst.edu

New Student Programs – nsp@govst.edu



For more information about the university’s response to COVID-19, please see the dedicated website: https://www.govst.edu/coronavirus/ 



Virtual Student Success Commons Front Desk Assistance

Our virtual front desk will answer questions relating to the Academic Resource Center, Tutoring/Writing Center, Office of Career Services, Student Disability Services, and New Student Programs. 

A Student Success Commons Front Desk Assistant is available: 

Monday - Friday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  

Closed on Saturday and Sunday 

To chat with a front desk assistant, please go to: 



The Academic Resource Center staff will continue to assist students virtually instead of face-to-face interaction for the fall semester.  Please visit the services' individual webpages for further information and contact information.


 Do you struggle with taking notes or organizing your day around classes? Maybe you use a wheelchair and have trouble navigating a crowded campus. Whatever obstacle is preventing you from reaching your highest potential, the Academic Resource Center (ARC) can help you turn that obstacle into a stepping stone.

ARC provides student support that goes beyond the classroom, meets individuals where they are and helps them achieve academic and personal goals. We equip you with the necessary tools for success.  We offer a variety of academic support services and work closely with students, faculty, and staff, offering writing assistance, subject tutoring, academic recovery plans, disabilities services, and other resources.

Subject Tutoring

Subject Tutoring

The Academic Resource Center provides support in Math, Statistics, Science, and Business courses through tutoring and online resources.

Writing Center

Writing Center

In the Writing Center, we offer GSU students assistance through resource links on our webpage, in person, and through our online writing center.

Access Services for Students with Disabilities

Access Services for Students with Disabilities

Student Disability Services is committed to providing student support and seeks to foster independence and develop self-advocacy of students with disabilities.

Learning Strategies and Resources

Learning Strategies and Resources

Not all students have mastered the skills needed to succeed in college. The ARC offers online resources and workshops to enhance students’ learning skills from note taking and organization to time management and rest as they take on more challenges.

Pathways to Academic Recovery Program

Pathways to Academic Recovery Program

The Academic Resource Center offers an academic recovery plan to help freshmen who are on academic probation return to good standing.

Academic Recovery Program

Academic Recovery Program

For upper level students who need help creating an academic recovery plan, ARC provides support and resources to assist with identifying tasks and objectives to help you meet your goals. View the GS2U Student Success Series workshop calendar offered each semester.