Mastering the skills to be a successful student can be a difficult task. The Academic Resource Center (ARC) recognizes that students struggle in various skill sets and need help strengthening those skills. Some students may find that what may have worked in high school is not cutting it in college. The ARC is here to assist students with their individual challenges and help them achieve academic success.

GSU StarIn the drop boxes below, you will find various tools such as study skills, tips, techniques, and resources to promote your overall learning and study skills.  Whether you have a challenge with concentration or just need to assess your study environment, the Academic Resource Center has provided resources to assist.

  • Campus Resources


    The first thing students should know to be a successful student is to know their resources.  Please review the resources that GSU has to offer.


    GSU Campus Resource Workshop Power Point click here 

  • Concentration


    Is it hard to concentrate while studying?  Below you will find tips on how to stay focus.

    Concentrating While Studying

  • Effective Study Habits


    You can succeed at GSU by forming great study habits.  Below are a few tips that can help you achieve your academic goals.

    Effective Habits for Effective Study

    Index System


    Multiple Sources

    Study Space

  • GSU STAR Student Resources


    Be a GSU STAR STUDENT!  Students who utilize GSU STAR are more likely to be successful as they connect with faculty, staff, and resources in their student success network.  For information on how to setup a profile, make appointments with faculty/advisors, raise you hand to ask questions, and much more, please click here.


  • Motivation


    Motivation is key to help you get through your studies.  How can you motivate yourself to succeed in college?

    Motivate Yourself

    Intrinsic & Extrinsic Values




  • Note Taking


    Learn to take notes in classroom lectures by doing the five R's: Record, Reduce, Recite, Reflect, and Review.

    Note Taking

  • Reading Strategies


    Learn about different reading methods to help you organize and retain information, especially when reading difficult materials.  Also, build on your reading speed and comprehension skills.

    SQ3R Method

    KWL Method

    Reading Difficult Material

    Reading Speed and Comprehension

  • Student Success Workshops (ARC Online)


    Below are four Academic Resource Center Student Success Workshops offered online.  These workshops are offered in a classroom setting throughout the semester and online.  To obtain a list of all Student Success Workshops can be click here. To verify you have completed online workshops, please print out the verification page at the end of each survey.


    Campus Resources

    Campus Resources Power Point click here

    Campus Resources Jeopardy click here

    Campus Resources Quiz/Survey click here


    Building on Strengths and Weaknesses

    Building on Strengths and Weaknesses Power Point click here

    Building on Strengths and Weaknesses Survey click here


    Study Skills with Patrick

    How to Be a Successful Student (Video) click here

    How to Be a Successful Student survey 


    Test Taking Strategies (Video) click here

    Test Taking Strategies survey

  • Time Management


    Time management is important when you are balancing school, family, work, and other activities.  Below are some helpful tools to help you manage your daily life.

    Time Management

    Daily Schedule

    Weekly Schedule

    Organizing Tasks

    Creating To-Do Lists

    Avoiding Procrastination

    Developing Self-Discipline