The Art Program offers a limited number of art scholarships to talented incoming first-year and undergraduate transfer Art Studio majors. If awarded and the student meets the requirements below, they may be eligible to hold this scholarship for up to four years, subject to available funds.

Award Amounts

Students can earn between $3,000 - $6,000 per year.

- Incoming Freshman Award: $12,000 - $24,000 (Renewable up to 4 years)

- Incoming Transfer or Continuing Student Award: $6,000 - $12,000 (Renewable up to 2 years)

Submission Process

1. Apply to Governors State University as a first-year or transfer student.

2. Submit the following items through the application in Scholarship Universe at govst.scholarshipuniverse.com.

10 images of artwork of any medium:

2D work (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, collage, mixed media, etc.)

- 3D work (ceramics, sculpture, jewelry & metals, glass, etc.

- Digital art (animations, web design, digital imaging, video, etc.)

- Graphic design

- Installation art

Submitting your work digitally means that you will need to correctly document work that is not already in digital format. For example, if you would like to include a drawing as one of your pieces, you will need to take a high-quality digital photo of the drawing and edit/adjust accordingly to provide an accurate representation of your work.

Tips and Advice:

Use a high-quality camera to document your work.

- Make sure your image is clear, sharp, and in focus.

- Make sure image correctly depicts the original color, sharpness, and tonal range

- Eliminate distracting backgrounds by filling the viewfinder as much as possible with the artwork.

- Talk to your art teacher and ask for help in guiding you in selecting the very beset work that highlights your artistic skill and creative ideas.

Digital Portfolio Images Must Conform to the Following Specification:

 File Format: Baseline Standard JPEG file format only (Do NOT use PowerPoint or other presentation formats)

- File Size: A good quality image around 1800p x 1800 pixels at 72dpi or 6" x 6" at 300dpi, no larger than 2MB

- File Name: Identify each image with name & number, for example: LastName-01.jpg, LastName-02.jpg, LastName-03.jpg

Image List:

8 1/2 x 11 Word Document listing the title/description, medium, year, and size of each artwork. Identify each artwork on the list with the same number as the JPEG filename.

Priority review begins on March 15th - Deadline: May 1st

Application and Renewal Guidelines

To receive and maintain this scholarship, a student must enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester which include appropriate courses for the Art major. Renewal is subject to availability of funds. Additionally, the student must:

a. Apply and be accepted at Governors State University.

b. Must satisfy AIM High criteria. Learn more.

c. Declare an Art major with concentration in Studio Arts.

d. Maintain a minimum 3.0 overall grade point average in Art courses.

e. Maintain a minimum 2.5 overall grade point average in all Governors State courses.

f. Complete and pass an annual portfolio review of Art course work.

g. Compliance with all university codes of conduct.

Deadline: March 15th


For more specific information on any of our Creative Talent Scholarships, reach out to us at CreativeArts@govst.edu or call us at 708-534-4010.