Quickly access course information, such as discussions, course updates, and retention center from anywhere in Blackboard.

  • Access Global Navigation Menu


    This tutorial will show you where you can access the global navigation menu and what items are available.

    Open the Access Global Navigation Menu text tutorial to learn more.

  • Edit Personal Information


    Edit contact information, your first/last name, and/or email address. If you recently had a name change, first officially change with the GSU Registrars Office, then change in GSU Blackboard. You may also change what personal information to make public in the Privacy Options.

    Open the Edit Personal Information text tutorial to learn more.

  • Add Avatar to Blackboard


    This avatar will also show when you submit content to Discussions, Wikis, Blogs, Journals, etc. Some Instructors will require Students to add an avatar in an online setting because they would like to put a face to a name. It makes the environment a little warmer when responding to posts, rather than just seeing a silhouette and a name.

    Open the Add Avatar to Blackboard text tutorial to learn more.