You should be able to use all of the main features in Blackboard, but certain features may require you to enable a plug-in or update its version.

Please view the Blackboard Browser Support page to see if your computer has the most updated software. If not, you may use the categories below to download directly from the software developers website.

  • Operating System


    To find out what operating system you have and if your operating system is compatible with Blackboard, please open the Blackboard Operating System Checker.

  • Internet Browser


    Since technology is changing daily, we recommend you install more than one internet browser on your computer. Having more than one browser installed will allow you to have options in case one browser encounters a problem. Below are certified links to the download free from the company’s website.

    Open the Blackboard Browser Checker to see if your browser is supported.

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP)


    While it doesn’t matter which ISP to use, you must have an internet connection in order to access Blackboard. We recommend using a fixed broadband connection, which is a permanent high speed internet connection. Wireless connections (Laptop and other mobile devices) are acceptable for short term use, such as posting an assignment or discussion post, but is not recommended for long term use, such as taking a test, exam, or quiz. For more long term connections, please use a wired connection.

  • Plug-ins


    Plug-Ins are software components that provide internet browsers with additional functionality. They can assist with displaying additional content it was not initially designed to show.

    Open the Blackboard Plug-ins Checker to see if your plug-ins are supported.



      Works with Blackboard Collaborate to allow chats around ​the world, runs the ​​content editor within discussions, blogs, journals, etc.

      Learn more and download Java from the developers site.

      Adobe Flash


      Works with CollegeAnywhere to view multimedia, to execute Internet applications, and to stream video and audio.

      Learn more and download Adobe Flash from the developers site.​​

      Adobe Shockwave


      Animation and interactivity multimedia tool added to web pages.

      Learn more and download Adobe Shockwave from the developers site.

      Adobe Reader


      Free PDF viewer.

      Learn more and download Adobe Reader from the developers site.

      VLC Media Player


      Open source media player that plays most video and audio formats.

      Learn more and download VLC Media Player from the developers site. ​​​

  • Word Processor


    Many assignments will be created and saved through Microsoft Word. If you do not have Microsoft Word or want to update its version, please visit the links below:

    Students: Student Microsoft Office Support
    Faculty/Staff: Faculty/Staff Microsoft Office Support

  • Internet Cache


    By clearing cache, a user typically can resolve many problems, such as not being able to post a discussion thread, submit homework, etc. For further details on how to delete cache, please click the link of the internet browser you are using.​​

  • Internet Cookies


    Cookies are information that websites store on your PC or Mac to remember your preferences, such as sign-in information or your location.​

  • Pop-Ups


    Blackboard requires users to allow pop-ups for certain software to work within Blackboard, such as opening Blackboard Collaborate. For further information on how to manage​ pop-ups, please click the link of the internet browser you are using.​​

  • Headphones


    Blackboard Collaborate recommends to have headphones for chat sessions to minimize feedback and/or echoes for others in the session. Also make sure to turn off your microphone when you aren't speaking.