Discusses and deliberates strategies pertaining to teaching, research, and faculty service. One member of each constituency must be tenured. For more information, contact the co-chairs

Pam Mohanty*(2019-21)(COB) 
Evelina Mengova*(2020-22)(COB Dean's Appointment) 
Nicole Warmington-Granston(2019-21)(CAS) 
Joong Shin*(2020-22)(CAS Dean's Appointment) 
Ivonne Kanko(2019-21)(CHHS) 
Serena Wadhwa*(2020-22)(CHHS Dean's Appointment) 
Megan McCaffrey*(2020-22)(COE) 
Amy Vujaklija(2019-21)(COE Dean's Appointment 
Cari Didion(2019-21)(UL)Co-Chair
Elizabeth Sterner(2020-22)(UL Dean's Appointment) 
Sasha Cervantes*(2020-22)(At-large Unit A) 
Matthew Cooney(2019-21)(At-large Unit A Provost’s Appointment)Co-Chair
Laura White(2019-21)(At-large Unit B Provost’s Appointment) 
Kimberly Peterz-Dent(2020-22)(At-large Unit B Provost’s Appointment) 

**Must be tenured if corresponding elected seat is filled with an untenured faculty member