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Faculty Resources:

Resource guides for new faculty that include how to log into Blackboard and how to access Faculty Information in the MyGSU portal.

  • Orientation Through Exploration: A Resource Guide for New Faculty at Governors State University


    This tutorial will discuss the different ways to login to ​GSU Blackboard. As you begin your journey as a faculty member at Governors State University, your exploration of important resources will determine how prepared you are to achieve success in your role. This guide identifies and leads you to four main categories of resources:

    1. Important phone numbers at Governors State University.
    2. The Governors State University Website with particular focus on the ‘myGSU Portal’ a repository of important links that enables you to do your work effectively.
    3. Interactions with key points of contact within your Division/Department/ Program and important questions you should be seeking answers from them.
    4. University-wide events that will help you to understand how GSU is evolving and connect you to faculty and staff outside of your Division/Department/Program.

    Open the Orientation Through Exploration: A Resource Guide for New Faculty at Governors State University to learn more.

  • Faculty Guidebook to the MyGSU Online Services:


    Instructions for Faculty Information in Online Services​​

    Learn How To:

    • Log into the Portal
    • Access Your Class Schedule
    • View Your Class Roster and Student Profiles
    • Enter Grades​

    Open the Faculty Guidebook to the MyGSU Portal Online Services to learn more.


Pedagogical Resources

There are plenty of materials out there to help develop and deliver online courses. Please view the educational resources, below, to help get you started.


Campus Resources

Please become familiar with GSU resources that are available on campus. These resources include the Writing Center, the CUBE, the Library, and more.

  • GSU CUBE and ITS Helpdesk


    The CUBE is located on the second floor, off the main entrance elevator. Students may use this lab to complete assignments, check email, or browse the internet. Employees and student workers are available to assist them in case of technical assistance.

    For more information, please visit the CUBE's webpage.

    Governors State University provides first level support for username and password issues (even for Blackboard), the myGSU portal, and the GSU Office 365 email. For more information, please visit the Helpdesk's webpage.

  • GSU Library


    Access Library Catalogs, Journals, Databases, and a scholarly repository and receive research assistance from a librarian. For more information, please visit the Library's webpage.

  • GSU's Registrar's Office


    Register for courses, gain access to transcripts, receive information of commencement, and update your personal information. For more information, please visit the Registrar's webpage.

  • GSU's Writing Center


    Schedule a one-on-one appointment with a writing consultant, view resources on how to write a paper, resources for documentation styles, and send papers for revision suggestions. For more information, please view the Writing Center's webpage.

  • GSU's Test Center


    If you would like more information on setting up proctored exams for students, information about student make-up exams, or Testing Center information and policies, please view the GSU Testing Center webpage.

  • GSU Bookstore


    Purchase required textbooks, e-books, school supplies, software and other items. For more information, please view the Bookstore's webpage.​