Registering for classes is something that you look forward to each semester. Use your Student Study Plan, your Degree Audit, and your Academic Advisor as resources to assist you in selecting classes from the online schedule.

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and continued guidance from both local and state health officials, the course delivery mode for your courses may be subject to change. Once final determinations are made regarding course modalities for Spring 2023 courses, you will be informed via GSU email.  

Please check your class schedule for individual course section meeting dates, times, and classrooms, if applicable.

Course delivery modes can be found in multiple areas (Spring 2023 courses are currently  viewable):

  • Search for Sections: Listed on the myGSU portal under: Online Services – Students – Registration – Search for Sections. Delivery modes will be listed in the fourth and fifth columns under Location and Meeting Information. 
  • Online at Delivery modes will be listed in the third and seventh columns under Comments and Location. You may also click the course number/name for full information.

If you have specific questions regarding the delivery mode for your course, please reach out to the instructor or the academic department under which the course falls under.

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Click here to view the complete list of classes being offered.

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Make sure you have read the below information.
Then, click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to register for courses through your student portal.

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The Summer 2023 term officially starts on Monday, May 15, 2023.

The Fall 2023 term officially starts on Monday, August 28, 2023.


  Summer/Fall 2023 Registration 

Priority registration for the Summer/Fall 2023 term begins Monday, March 13th at 9 a.m. The priority registration schedule is outlined in the  information below.

Register as soon as you can to get the classes you want and to avoid the late registration charge.

Late Registration Charge Schedule for Fall 2023:

  • $100 Late Registration Charge: 08/14/2023-08/20/2023
  • $200 Late Registration Charge: 08/21/2023 and forward

Student Athletes, Honor Program Students, Veterans and active duty students will receive priority registration and will be able to register for classes on the earliest registration date.

Newly admitted students and undeclared/non-degree seeking students may register during the fifth day of registration.

Please review further information regarding registration in the areas below.

  • Priority Registration


    Registration for Summer & Fall 2023 begins Monday, March 13th.

    • The priority registration schedule for Fall 2023 registration is outlined below.
    •    Priority registration is not applied to Summer 2023 registration

    Student Athletes, Honor Program Students, Veterans and active duty students will receive priority registration and will be able to register for classes on the earliest registration date.

    Newly admitted students and undeclared/non-degree seeking students may register during the fifth day of     registration.

    Fall 2023 Priority Registration

    DayLevelGSU Hours EarnedTime

    March 13

    Undergraduates35+9 a.m.
    March 14
    Undergraduates18-349 a.m.

    March 15

    Undergraduates9-179 a.m.
    March 16
    Undergraduates8 or less9 a.m.
    Master's5 or less
    March 17
    AllAll New Spring 2023 Students & undeclared/non-degree seeking students9 a.m.

  • 1. Login to my GSU student portal


    Login to MyGSU portal

    Click here for a pdf tutorial about how to log into the portal.

    Before you begin... 

    You will need to know your GSU username and password in order to register. If you do not know your GSU username and password, please contact the Helpdesk at 708.534.4357. When contacting the Helpdesk, you will need to know your GSU student ID number.

  • 2. Go to Register for Sections


    Under Online Services, select Register for Sections from the drop-down menu.

  • 3. Find Classes and Register


    Select the appropriate term and select the subject.

    Once you find your class, follow these steps to register.

  • Currently Enrolled Students


    To register for classes, follow the steps below. You must log in to your myGSU portal to complete the registration process, so have your username and password ready.

  • Student Responsibilities


    • You are responsible for paying tuition and fees by the payment deadline.
    • You are responsible for dropping courses for which you may have registered in error.
    • You are responsible for adding/withdrawing from courses within the established timelines. These dates will be available on 'Search for Sections' in the myGSU portal and on your Class Schedule.
    • You may not register for courses without meeting the course requirements (e.g. prerequisites).
    • Degree-seeking students should select courses based upon their approved Study Plan.
    • You should contact your academic advisor for assistance in securing a student petition to enroll in permission courses, carry an overload (more than 18 hours in a 15-week session) or, for undergraduates, to enroll in graduate-level courses in the last term of their undergraduate programs.

  • Freshmen Registration


    If you are a new freshman student, you will register for your Summer 2023 and Fall 2024 classes by meeting with your academic advisor at orientation.

  • New Transfer Students


    If you are a new transfer student entering Summer 2023 or Fall 2024, you will be able to register through the myGSU student portal on the last day of priority registration.

  • Online Course Schedule


    Click this link to access the class schedule on the GSU website. This class schedule has basic class information (days and times).


    A more detailed class schedule is available in the myGSU Portal under Online Services -> Search for Sections. The class schedule in the student portal has days, times, room assignments and deadlines to add or drop a class.

  • Registration Guides


    Click here for a registration guide (pdf)

    Additional registration guides are found on the myGSU portal homepage.

  • Readmission



    If you were on academic suspension or did not register for classes for six terms, you need to be re-admitted before you can register for classes. Please contact the Office of Admissions for assistance.


  • Add / Drop


    Students can add courses anytime during the registration period as listed in the current academic calendar. The academic calendar can also be found in the GSU Registration Instruction booklet. Note: courses will NOT be added after the registration period ends.

    The 'My Class Schedule' provides refund and withdrawal deadline details for specific courses. Classes dropped after the specified deadlines will appear on your transcript as a “W.” Some courses have special refund and withdrawal dates which are also found for each class under "Search for Sections" on the myGSU portal.

    NOTE: If you are receiving financial aid, you must contact the Financial Aid Office before dropping or withdrawing from a class to determine how this action will affect your financial aid. Your failure to do so may impact your eligibility.

  • Payment


    The payment deadline is based on your registration date. The Financial Services office may clarify on payment dates.

    • Cashier's Office -
    • Student Accounts -

    Payment may be made via the GSU Portal, through the mail or at the Cashier’s Office using check, cash, money order, MasterCard®, Visa® or Discover® Card. Please DO NOT send cash through the mail.

    When dropping or adding courses, please drop course(s) first before adding new courses. All unwanted course(s) must be dropped by the 100 percent refund deadline or you will be obligated to pay for the course(s). You may withdraw from courses online. See the online schedule of classes for refund and withdrawal deadline details for specific courses.

  • Tuition Estimator


    The tuition calculator will help you determine your estimated tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 academic year.