In order to change your information in our database, you will need to complete a form.

Please return all forms to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

  • Student Information Changes


    1. Residency Changes


      As approved by the GSU Board of Trustees, to qualify for in-state tuition you need to live in Illinois for at least six months.

      Per GSU Policy 10, “Applicants on F-1 visas or any other temporary visa are not eligible to be classified as residents of the State of Illinois for tuition purposes, regardless of actual length of residence in the State of Illinois.”

      To change your residency status:

      1. Complete the Change of Residency form and have the form notarized.
      2. Provide appropriate documentation to support your residency.
      3. Return the form and documentation to the Office of the Registrar.
      4. Undocumented students may qualify for In-State Tuition by completing the Residency Affidavit form.

    2. Additional Forms


      For current students, additional forms are available in the myGSU portal.