Please note that the following policies apply to all testing provided by the Testing Center:


  • • GovState Students and community members are required to schedule in advance of their requested test date.
  • • To schedule a date and time for GovState Academic Exam or ALEKS Exam, please use REGISTER BLAST. Contact the Testing Center at 708.235.7555 or email if you need additional assistance.
  • • To schedule for CLEP and DSST exams, first click the applicable icon on the Testing Center main page, to register with the exam client. Next, make an appointment with the GovState Testing Center through REGISTER BLAST.
  • • The Testing Centers hours are subject to availability. Please see the Hours of Operation listing on our main page for detailed open/close information.
  • • To register for Pearson and/or True Talent Professional Exams, visit your company sponsored website.
  • • Same Day Scheduling is unavailable for ALL exams.


  • • GovState students seeking the use of accommodations, will need prior approval from the ASSD Office. Once approved, the registration platform allows for the selection of approved accommodations. Please contact the Testing Center at 708.235.7555 or email before scheduling your exam. Accommodation details must be confirmed at least 24 hours prior to exam date.
  • • Pearson Vue, PSI, ALEKS, and DSST examinees MUST receive an accommodation approval prior to scheduling the exam appointment. The Testing Center cannot honor any unapproved accommodation requests.
  • • CLEP (refer to for additional information regarding accommodation requests.)


GovState Academic Exams Identification Requirements

  • • A valid form of photo identification is required for ALL testing services.
  • • GovState Students must provide one of the following for any GovState academic exam:
    • - GovState Student ID
    • - Valid State ID
    • - Valid State Driver’s License
    • - Passport
    • - Government Issued Valid Photo ID

All Other Exams Identification Requirements

  • • Please follow client guidelines outlined when you register for your exam, as multiple forms of identification may be required.
  • • The GovState Testing Center recommends reviewing the client exam guidelines and standards prior to the date of your exam.
  • • Pearson Vue and PSI testers may arrive up to 30 minutes early for their examinations to check-in and be seated if space allows. Late arrivals may be denied based upon the policy of the exam being taken. (Please refer to the arrival policy associated with your exam.)
  • • CLEP, ALEKS, DSST, and GovState Academic Examinees, may arrive up to 15 minutes earlier than exam appointment to check-in and be seated if space allows. Late arrivals who exceed the 15-minutes grace period, will be denied exam entry.
  • • There is no food or drink allowed in the Test Center, but these items may be accessed during a break. (Please refer to client test policy when you register for your exam.)
  • • There is absolutely NO studying allowed within the Testing Center. All study materials should be concealed and inaccessible during examination appointments.
  • • Personal items, such as cellphones, other electronics, and bags are prohibited from being brought into the testing room. Personal items may be stored in a supervised locker outside of the testing room. (GovState students may be allowed certain items as permitted by their professor.)
  • • ALL technological devices, such as communication devices, must be turned off.
  • • Upon the test administrator’s request, examinees will be required to remove seemingly distracting jewelry.
  • • Guests of Testing Center examinees might be instructed to wait in another area, outside of the Testing Center lobby, due to limited seating.
  • • Children cannot be left unsupervised outside of the testing center.


  • • CLEP, ALEKS, DSST, and GovState Academic exam appointments can be canceled and/or rescheduled through RegisterBlast.
  • • Pearson Vue and PSI exam appointments must be canceled and/or rescheduled through the client. (Please refer to the cancellation policy associated with your exam)


  • • The GovState Testing Center is dedicated to abiding by the rules and regulations stated in the Student Code of Conduct. We strive to facilitate academic as well as uphold the standards set by our professional testing platforms. All examinees of the Testing Center are required to abide by the GovState Misconduct Policies.
  • • Academic staff and our professional testing platforms expect examinees to take their exam in a secure facility that prohibits academic dishonesty. Under no circumstances will cheating be accepted in the Testing Center.
  • • Any examinee that violates GovState or our professional testing platforms conduct standards, will be subject to discipline that coincides with the appropriate policy and procedure.
  • • The GovState Testing Center recommends reviewing the client exam guidelines as well as GovState Misconduct policy prior to the date of your exam.

For any questions about Governors State University Testing Center policies or procedures, please contact us at 708.235.7555 or email



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