If an exam or quiz needs to be made up, a student needs to take a retest, or special accommodations need to be made, instructors have the option of using The Testing Center at GovState. Currently, there are 10 of 23 seats available in the Testing Center and appointments are required. No walk-ins or same day scheduling will be accepted at this time.

Responsibilities of the Instructor:

  • • For individual or group proctored exam requests, please submit the request through RegisterBlast which is located at www.govst.edu/testing-center . For request approval, please allow up to 1 business day, following the date received, for your request to be approved. If the exam request date does not allow time for the window of approval, then the exam deadline must be extended.
  • • The Testing Center may need to coordinate with the ASSD office to provide for suitable accommodations for our students. Please keep in mind, this can affect exam scheduling availability.
  • • Please provide advance notice with exam requests; All requests are subject to seating availability.
    • - Large group exam requests (more than 10 students) should be made at least 1 month in advance to ensure availability. The Testing Center runs multiple simultaneous exam platforms and must scale seating for your exam; accordingly, please allow for students to have a 7-business day minimum to complete the exam.
  • • If exam details change after a request is made, such as a deadline extension, the professor must edit the exam request in RegisterBlast. Otherwise, updated details or changes will not be accepted.
  • • Once an exam request has been approved, professors must notify students that the exam appointments are available for scheduling as well as any other exam important details.
  • • All testing materials will be maintained for six months

Example: Sample Exam Request Form.

Responsibilities of the Student:

  • • Students are required to schedule their exam with the Testing Center for in-person exams at the Testing Center. We do not allow "walk-in's" or same day scheduling.
  • • Students must present a valid photo ID for testing.
  • • Phones or other electronic devices are not permitted during a test unless approved by the instructor. Calculators on cell phones are not authorized for any test.
  • • All students must read the Testing Center Policies and Procedures before scheduling an exam.
  • • To schedule an exam date and time, please use REGISTER BLAST. Contact the Testing Center at 708.235.7555 or email testingcenter@GOVST.EDU if you need additional assistance.

Responsibilities of Testing Center Staff:

  • • Schedule and maintain all student testing appointments.
  • • Follow all instructions and details provided by the instructor.
  • • Phones or other electronic devices are not permitted during a test unless approved by the instructor. Any violation of this should be addressed immediately and reported to the instructor.
  • • Collect all materials from student once test is complete (exam, scratch paper, etc.).
  • • Tests are not to be administered if the instructor has not contacted Testing Center staff.


Email: ContinuingEd@govst.edu

Phone: 708.534.4099