Human capital is your biggest investment. Our focus is to help you maximize your return.

School of Extended Learning designs and delivers customized corporate and small business training solutions that enhance employee performance, fill skills gaps, cross-train your team, and enable transition to management. Our instructors work with corporations, non-profits, municipalities and school districts to craft training programs that are as unique as your organization is. You my host your training on-site at your workplace or at Governors State University. Options include a combination of face-to-face and online instruction, 100% online training, or instructor-led sessions.

NEW! Employer Wellness Benefit Program 
Employee development is more than just professional development. It capitalizes on potential, focuses passion, and directs both towards engagement in purpose-driven work. Our new Well-being at Work program helps human resources departments cultivate this engaged, healthy workforce, while effectively reducing your healthcare costs in the long term. It includes a comprehensive look at the link between stress reduction and weight management, on-site wellness workouts, a nutritional assessment APP, employee engagement challenges, and more! Learn more>>

 Request a Customized Training Now!

Request a Customized Training Now!

Tell us more about your employee development needs to customize your training solution.

On-site Testing Center

On-site Testing Center

Did you know that we are a Pearson certified Testing Center? Learn More>>

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