Employers who offer Well-being-at-Work are on their way to a more engaged, productive workplace.

Employee development is more than just professional development. It capitalizes on potential, focuses passion, and directs both towards engagement in purpose-driven work. Our new Well-being at Work program helps human resources departments cultivate this engaged, healthy workforce, while effectively reducing your healthcare costs in the long term. It includes customizable educational workshops, wellness workouts, and employee engagement opportunities. Programs may be delivered virtually.

The plan offers a comprehensive solution to holistic wellness including:

3 Customizable Educational Workshops per year 

Choose from a series of professional webinars, led by expert medical professionals and scholars. Our instructor partners include Advocate Aurora Health independent physicians, doctors from ChiroOne/ Medula, faculty scholars from Governors State University, industry and community experts. 

Topics include:

Stress reduction and weight management
Urban holistic health and health equity
Mental health
Mindfulness and Productivity
and more!

Workshops may be delivered virtually or on-site as CDC health guidelines allow.  

3 Fitness Courses per year (five-week sessions)

Choose from courses like Yoga, Zumba, Dance, Pilates, Meditation, Wing Chun Self Defense, and more!
Courses may be offered virtually.

Customize your corporate wellness program by filling out our Request Training Form.


Email: ContinuingEd@govst.edu

Phone: 708.534.4099