Why Study Economics?

Quick Facts

General Education Requirements: 37 – 38 hours
Business Courses: 27 Hours
Economics Core Courses: 12 Hours
Economics Selectives: 12 hours
Electives: 31 - 32 hours
Total: 120 hours

Full Program Requirements

Private, public, and government sectors all use the skills and knowledge of economists to help forecast risk and opportunity. Governors State’s Bachelor of Arts in Economics will prepare you to aid in the health and stability of a variety of organizations.

With foundational skills in economics, you will also be prepared to go on to study at the graduate level, in either economics or related fields, such as law, public administration, and business.  

Reach your career goals.  

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 6% growth of demand for economists over the next decade due to an increasingly complex global economy, changes to financial regulations, and a more competitive U.S. and international business environment. 


Evelina Mengova
Program Coordinator
Office: G195

Undergraduate Academic Advising Center (UAAC)
Office: C3385

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