GA Waivers 

 In order to apply for a Graduate Assistantship, you must log into the Jobs for Jaguars Database system, complete an application profile, and search for graduate assistant positions.  To find out more, click on the link below, and then click on “Graduate Assistantships” to follow the steps on how to apply.   

  Click here for more information.

Staff Waivers

If you are a GSU employee and wish to take courses either here or at another state school, click on the following link to apply for a GSU Employee Tuition Waiver. 

  Click here for more information.


Interinstitutional Waiver 

If you are an employee of another state school, and are interested in enrolling for credit at Governors State University, please contact your HR Department to find out if you qualify, and how to apply for an Interinstitutional Waiver (covers up to 6 hours per semester).


Child of employee Waivers 

Tuition waivers for undergraduate education at Illinois public universities shall be made available to eligible children of employees of the public universities who have 7 or more years of total university employment.  To find out more, and to obtain the application for this waiver, click on the following link:

  Click here for more information.  


Special Education Tuition Waiver

If you are a teacher or an academically talented student pursuing a career in special education as a nonprofit public, private or parochial preschool, elementary or secondary school teacher in illinois, you may be eligible for the Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver Program. 

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Senior Citizen Waiver

If you are a senior citizen, and meet certain income criteria, you may qualify for a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver, covering up to 6 hours per semester. 

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