Individual counseling is offered on a short-term basis (usually between 6 and 8 sessions a semester) with a counselor to discuss a personal concern relating to academic difficulties, stress, relationship problems, anxiety, depression or other personal matters. When there is a need for longer-term care, the Counseling Center staff may offer group counseling. In cases where there is the need for, 'specialized care' or a 'higher level of care', the Counseling Center staff will help students consider options in the community. 

Group Counseling involves approximately 6-8 students meeting face-to-face with one or more group therapist(s) to discuss a common concern. The supportive atmosphere in group counseling can be helpful because expressing feelings and trying out new communicating strategies, can allow students to learn more about themselves and others. Interested students are encouraged to call the counseling center for more information. Moreover, an initial session may be required prior to joining some of our groups. We also encourage students to try at least 1-2 group sessions before deciding not to a part of group. In addition, all information shared during a group session is confidential.

         Consultation is offered for faculty, staff, and students who are trying to help another person through difficult times. All information disclosed will be kept confidential.