The MSHI Degree Program at GovState is a rigorous academic program that requires students to meet all university requirements for a master's degree. In addition, MSHI students must fulfill specific degree requirements to receive a Master of Science in Health Informatics degree. These requirements include entering degree candidacy, maintaining a certain grade standard, and completing a field experience/culminating course.

  • 1. Enter degree candidacy with an approved Degree Candidacy Application.
  • 2. Apply no more than one course with a grade of "C," including "C-" and "C+" toward degree requirements. When a student makes a second "C+, C, or C-" in a class, the student must repeat the "C+, C, or C-" course only once to meet the degree requirements.
  • 3. Earn a "B" or better grade in the field experience/culminating course HLIN 8900.

The student is no longer eligible to continue studying for an MSHI degree if earned a D or F in any courses. For any course with a grade of D or F, the student must meet with the advisor to get permission to immediately repeat the course successfully with a B- or better grade to reinstate eligibility to continue in the MSHI degree program.

For additional information on program requirements, please visit the MSHI program catalog.