Health informatics, focused on advances in health technology, has the potential to facilitate and improve patient-centered care. Patients, providers, payers, policy-makers, and technology vendors all benefit from its growth and implementation. With a Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI), you will acquire the skills to enhance the healthcare system in our society and a broad range of career opportunities.


Health Informatics Tools and Reports
There are many reasons why Governors State's MSHI program is perfect for you: 

  • Learn how to access health data to forecast healthcare trends and improve operations

  • Develop leadership and change management skills

  • Demonstrate the ability to advance the delivery of quality patient care through the use of analytics

  • Gain insight into the resources needed to optimize the use of information technology in healthcare research and clinical services delivery

  • Be eligible for mid-level administrative/management positions in healthcare delivery systems, consulting firms, governmental organizations and research organizations

Career Paths

MSHI faculty members standing ad clapping in front of classroom
With a MSHI, you will have the chance to advance your career, or even change it. Here are just a few of the potential opportunities that will become available with your degree:

  • Health Informatics Specialist
  • Clinical Informatics Specialist
  • Informatics Nurse
  • Clinical Analyst
  • Clinical Informatics Manager
For even more paths, please check out the MSHI employment resources page.


MSHI faculty member talking at podium

Get to know your mentors from the MSHI program.

Admission Requirements & Curriculum

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View the requirements for admission and your degree by visiting the MSHI program catalog.

To learn even more about our program's requirements, how to apply, and job outlook, please refer to our MSHI fact sheet.

View MSHI Fact Sheet

Contact Information 

Kerri O'Shea
MSHI Academic Advisor
Department of Health Administration and Informatics
Office: G178
Phone: 708.534.6980

Dr. Ning Lu
Chair, MHA and Health Informatics Program Director
Department of Health Administration and Informatics
Office: G180
Email: nlu@govst.edu
Phone: 708-534-4916

<b>Financial Aid</b>

Financial Aid

Find out how you can graduate with little to no debt with our various resources for financial aid.

<b>Open House</b>

Open House

Learn more about the admissions process by joining us for an Open House.

<b>How to Apply</b>

How to Apply

Take the first step towards improving your career and apply today.

<b>Meet with an Advisor</b>

Meet with an Advisor

Receive guidance from your MSHI advisor so you can graduate at a pace that works for you.



Learn about which courses you will take, and when, so you can earn your MSHI in only a year and half.

<b>Program Requirements</b>

Program Requirements

Find out the necessary steps towards graduation.

<b>Deficiency Courses</b>

Deficiency Courses

Check to see if you meet all deficiency course requirements for your MSHI degree.

<b>Employment Resources</b>

Employment Resources

See what kind of employment opportunities are available before and after you earn your MSHI.

Orientation Material

Orientation Material

Download our orientation presentation to find all the information you need about the MSHI program.