Each employee has a responsibility to protect data, computers, mobile devices and physical areas. Never leave sensitive reports on your desk for a sustained period of time. Change passwords especially if you shared them with an associate. Think before clicking; the percentage of  phishing URL traffic is over four (4) million per day. Don't take the bait. 

 Ask yourself these questions:  

  • Who is this from? 
  • Why would that person send this email? 
  • Why does the tone not match the sender? 
  • Why are there spelling errors? 
  • Why do they want me to click on a link? 
  • Why would they send me this file? 

When in doubt… 

1.  Stop: Don’t click links or open files
2.  Read: Carefully, look for red flags
3.  Confirm: Call the person sending
4.  Consult: GSU ITS Help Desk 


  • Tips on Spotting a Phish


    • Verify the email source.
    • Look for typos and other errors.
    • Check links before clicking on them.
    • ITS will never ask you for your password.