Graduate Assistantships are appointed each semester and renewable based on maintaining academic eligibility and employment performance standards. For specific information, please contact the individual listed for the position(s) of interest.

The following graduate assistantships are open for prospective graduate students.

  • Communication, Media and Performance


    Department: Communication, Media and Performance




    Job Description:The Communication, Media and Performance Master’s program invites applicants for a graduate teaching assistantship which will cover tuition of six credits per semester and provide a small stipend. Summer tuition and stipend are also included. GTAs will complete one semester of training and then will teach two sections of communication courses each following semester, including Public Discourse, Foundations of Communication, and other classes based on need and interest. 


    The newly redesigned MA provides students the opportunity to pursue their interests while providing a solid foundation in various methodologies. We also provide opportunities to engage with faculty research and partnerships with the Center for Community Media. 


    For consideration, students should submit a letter of interest, two letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Applications should be completed online at


    Contact: Dr. Lara Stache 


    Graduate Programs: Communication, Media and Performance


  • Office of Admissions


     Department: Office of Admissions

    Job Description:The Graduate Assistant (GA) for the Campus Experience is a member of the Office of Admissions team and reports directly to the Coordinator of Admissions Events and Communication

    The ideal candidate will be responsible for administrative support of campus events, campus visits (both individual and group tours) and social media campaigns targeted at prospective and admitted students. This position would also help with assessing the effectiveness of the prospective student campus experience and assist with the implementation of a multi-modal communication plan focused on moving prospective students through the admissions funnel.

    The Campus Experience Graduate Assistant will be expected to work 15 hours per week. In addition to a monthly stipend, graduate student assistants are eligible for a tuition waiver.

    Requirements for eligibility: Must be masters, specialist, or doctoral level student in good standing. Graduate Assistants must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average.

    Proficiency in using Microsoft EXCEL, Outlook, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

    Possess strong interpersonal skills, time management/multitasking skills, and attention to detail  Possess a positive attitude

    Must be self-motivated

    Excellent oral and written communication skills

    Items to note: Graduate Assistants must maintain a minimum of six graduate credit hours per semester that apply to the completion of their degree requirements and are restricted to a maximum enrollment of 12 graduate credit hours per semester of appointment, except as approved by the respective chair and dean.

    In order to be eligible for reappointment, Graduate Assistants must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, must continue to make satisfactory progress toward the graduate degree and satisfactorily perform assigned duties. Graduate Assistants are evaluated at the end of each term by their assigned supervisor(s).

    Upon appointment, Graduate Assistants must complete all required/relevant training (e.g., ethics, FERPA, etc)

    Contact: Lise Schneider,


  • Laboratory Assistant


    Department: Biology


    Job Description:Responsibilities include setting up and taking down laboratory experiments for biology laboratory course offerings assigned to you by one or more of the biology faculty teaching the courses.  Cleaning and care laboratory apparatus, general routine care of specimens and collections, and/or aid other staff or personnel.  May include basic research work.  Related tasks as assigned.

    DEADLINE TO APPLY: June 20, 2019

    Assignment Criteria:A Bachelors of Science degree in the Biological Sciences or a closely related field.

    The assigning of graduate assistantships within the Biology Program will be based on the four criteria outlined below.  The sequence of the first three criteria does not imply their relative importance—each will receive equal weighting.  Criterion 4 will be used in the event that two or more students have similar qualifications based on the first three criteria.  

    Additional Criteria:

    1)  Due to the non-traditional nature of Governors State University graduate students, work experience pertinent to the field of biology will be considered.  This will include both employed positions and formal internships.  The diversity of work experience, the duration of each position, and its likelihood of contributing to the successful completion of a masters degree in biology will be considered.  Experience as it relates to current program needs should also be taken into account.

    2)  Two letters of recommendation outlining the applicant’s intellectual capabilities, motivation, and overall likelihood of successfully completing a master’s degree in biology.  Letters of support from biologists are preferred.  

    3)  An undergraduate GPA in science courses of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and/or a GRE general test score that is equal or greater than 1100 are required.  Exceptions will be made for applicants that demonstrate particular promise based on criteria 1 and 2.  The GPA and/or GRE scores will be factored into the overall ranking for those who meet the minimum criteria.   

    4)  Since an important part of graduate training occurs outside of formal coursework (i.e., student-student and student-professor interaction), time available to spend in the department exclusive of scheduled courses will be considered.

    Graduate Programs: See above Criteria, preference is given to students enrolled in the Biology Program.

    Contact: Timothy Gsell,  

  • Graduate Assistant for Health and Student Counseling Center


    Department: Health and Student Counseling Center


    Semesters: Fall 2019 and Spring 2019

    Job Description: Under the direct supervision of the Assistant Director of Counseling Services, the Graduate Assistant (GA) will play a key role in the outreach promotion of the health and counseling center programs and the psychoeducation training to the campus community. The GA will provide administrative support, education and outreach, and projects regarding the Health & Student Counseling office, the ASAP Team, mental health counselor in residence and peer mentoring programs.

    Contact: Kristina Wilkerson, Assistant Director of Counseling Services, email:

    Graduate Programs: Applicants for this program can be from Health Administration, Political and Justice Studies, Social Work, Psychology, or Counseling graduate programs of study.


  • Graduate Assistant for Community Standards and CARE Program


    Department: Office of the Dean of Students

    Website: https//

    Semesters: Fall 2019 and Spring 2019

    Job Description: Under the direct supervision of the Director of Community Standards and Student Advocacy, the Gtaduate Assistant (GA) will play a key role in the day-to-day operations of the Community Standards program and the overall student conduct process. The GA will provide administrative support, education and outreach, and projects around the Student Code of Conduct, the Office of the Dean of Students, the CARE Team, and GSU4U.

    Contact: Lisa Carra, Assistant to the Dean of Students, email:

    Graduate Programs: Applicants for this position can be from any graduate programs of study.

  • Graduate Assistant for Employer Recruitment


    Department: Career Services

    Semesters: Fall 19 and spring 20

    Job Description: This individual will work closely with the employer recruitment coordinator and assist in general office support as needed.  The GA will immediately begin to work on various areas of recruiting, programming efforts and office internship practices, while providing direct support as he/she continues to grow in knowledge and responsibilities. 

    Contact: Darcie Campos, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Director of Career Services, email:

    Graduate Programs: Communication or Business Preferred, but will consider all programs of study

  • Graduate Assistant for Career Counseling


    Department: Career Services Website:

    Semesters:  Fall 19 and Spring 20

    Job Description: This individual will provide additional support to the counseling staff by serving as a second tier of counseling support for the office.  The GA will shadow professional staff counseling sessions for a minimum of 2 months, and will be closely supervised by the Director and other professional staff members/counselors.  Once this person has been trained, they will see a minimum of 8-10 career-counseling clients per week.  Additionally, this person will have an opportunity to develop programming and presentations geared toward providing additional support for the several Career Service initiatives.  I would expect to see this GA present a minimum of 3 workshops a semester.

    Contact: Darcie Campos, Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs & Director of Career Services, email:

    Graduate Programs: Counseling program preferred

  • Graduate Assistant - Business Tutor


    Department: Student Success Commons


    Semesters: Fall 2019 and spring 2020

    Job Description: Under the direct supervision of the Coordinator of Tutoring, the Graduate Assistant (GA) will assist students in core business courses along with the prerequisite math and statistics courses.  The incumbent must show proficiency in both core accounting courses (ACCT 2110 Financial and ACCT 2111 Managerial), the introductory micro / macroeconomics sequence (ECON 2301 / 2302), and managerial economics (ECON 3404).  Knowledge in the prerequisite math courses (MATH 1423 college algebra, MATH 2281 applied calculus, and MATH 2100 elementary statistics) is essential as the candidate should additionally expect to assist students in those courses.  Other duties as assigned include participation in the CRLA level 1 training and certification process.

    Contact: Send resume and fall 2019 course schedule to Daniel Ferry, Coordinator of Tutoring, via email:

    Graduate Programs: Applicants for this position should be a graduate student in business or mathematics.