Help Cover the Cost of Your Master's Degree with a Graduate Assistantship

Graduate Assistantships (GAs) are a way for a graduate student to work on campus and gain valuable experience while funding your education. Typically, graduate students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester and work on campus between 15-20 hours per week. In return, GAs receive a monthly stipend and a tuition waiver. GAs are appointed each semester and renewable based on maintaining academic eligibility and employment performance standards. For specific information, please contact the individual listed for the position(s) of interest.


The following Graduate Assistantships are open for current and prospective graduate students:

  • Graduate Assistant - Mathematics


    Division: Science, Mathematics, and Technology

    Program: Mathematics


    Job Description:

    The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Technology (DSMT) has openings for mathematics Graduate Assistants (GAs) available for the Fall 2021 term.  Successful candidates will work with students, tutors, peer mentors and instructors associated with a new co-requisite course, Elementary Statistics Laboratory (MATH 2101), that students will take along with Elementary Statistics (MATH 2100). This position requires a 15 hour/week commitment; compensation includes a tuition waiver and a monthly stipend. 


    Work will include the following:

    1. Attending, and working with students during each class meeting of the GA’s assigned section of MATH 2101.
    2. Attending some class meetings of MATH 2100.
    3. Be available for one-on-one consultation with students, to help with work in MATH 2101 and MATH 2100.
    4. Attending weekly meetings with MATH 2101 Coordinator and/or the Coordinator of Tutoring (along with math tutors, peer mentors) to plan for each upcoming week’s material.
    5. Assisting MATH 2101 instructors before and during classes.
    6. Helping to coordinate activities of math tutors and peer mentors.


    Requirements for eligibility:

    1. United States citizen or permanent resident status. 
    2. Registered for at least six (6) credit hours in a graduate program. 
    3. Have a strong mathematics background, including calculus and/or statistics, with grades of “B” or higher. 
    4. For first-year applicants, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher at the most recent institute attended.  For currently enrolled applicants, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
    5. Per the university policy, GAs should not be employed outside the university. 


    Application documents:

    1. Graduate Assistant/Tuition Waiver Application form. 
    2. Current CV. 
    3. Transcript. 
    4. Educational/career goal statement. 
    5. Two (2) reference letters from faculty or staff at GSU or last institute attended. Please have reference letters sent directly to Vanyette Exton (


    Items to note:

    1. Graduate Assistants must maintain a minimum of six graduate credit hours per semester that apply to the completion of their degree requirements and are restricted to a maximum enrollment of 12 graduate credit hours per semester of appointment, except as approved by the respective chair and dean.  
    2. In order to be eligible for reappointment, Graduate Assistants must maintain at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point average, must continue to make satisfactory progress toward the graduate degree, and satisfactorily perform assigned duties. Graduate Assistants are evaluated at the end of each term by their assigned supervisor(s).  
    3. Upon appointment, Graduate Assistants must complete all required/relevant training (e.g., ethics, FERPA, etc.)  


    To Apply:

    Send the application material to Vanyette Exton (