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General Education Requirements: 37 – 41 hours
Required Courses: 39 hours
Selectives: 9 hours
Electives: 35 hours
Total: 120 hours

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Governors State University is an institution that puts students first, preparing them for the real world they're going to face upon graduating. Real-world success is dependent on success in higher education, and with our high-quality learning opportunities, you will get an experience unlike any you'd find when looking into higher education. The professional scene can be difficult, which is why our in-depth classes focus on knowledge, skills, and the ability to excel with confidence in the student's perspective industry. With an English degree from Governors State University, you will be ready to take on the world!

What Is English?

You might understand English to be the language you or others speak, but there's a whole lot more to it than that. If you're hoping to receive a Bachelor of Arts in English, you may want to take note:

  • English encompasses the study of literature, including plays, poetry, short stories, and novels.
  • English considers the complex knowledge that English-speaking students are already accustomed to while showing them how to take that knowledge deeper.
  • English is taught to encourage those interested and gain a deeper understanding of reading, writing, speaking, and overall communicating in the English language.

Why Study English?

Awareness and appreciation for cultural, sociopolitical, and individual identity are fostered through the study of English literature and rhetoric. Governors State’s Bachelor of Arts in English does not merely develop skills in written communication, organization, and analysis, but also leverages the study of literature to seek insight and understanding into the diversity of the human experience and to meet controversy and challenge in appropriate, practical, and intellectually satisfying ways. 

Student Involvement

GSU students interested in publishing can become a part of Reconstructed, the university’s entirely student-produced literary and visual arts journal. The journal is published annually and features creative writing and visual arts submitted by GSU students and alumni.

Reach Your Career Goals

With an English degree, you may seek employment in a wide variety of fields, including writing, editing, publishing, and public relations, to name a few.

If you wish to teach English at the secondary level, you may pursue the certificate in English education (24 credit hours) after completing your bachelor’s degree coursework. Many graduates also go on to pursue graduate study and teach at the college level. 

What Are Some Jobs You Can Get With an English Degree?

Going to school for a BA in English allows you a wide range of professional opportunities. Some jobs you can get with an English degree include:

  • Announcer - You can understand why an announcer would need a firm understanding of the English language. Announcers often find work in sports, news, and music. Some announcers strictly deliver content, while others write and deliver their own scripts. Announcers make an average salary of $30,830, though some could reach up to $89,000.
  • Editor - A firm grasp on everything related to the English language is essential if someone is going to edit for another writer. As an editor, you would be responsible for correcting spelling and grammatical mistakes, but you might also be responsible for rewriting text, evaluating submissions, and verifying any facts in the text. On average, editors make around $57,210 but can work their way up to a salary of over $110,000 a year.
  • Freelance Writer - If writing a novel has always been a goal of yours, it's fine to work toward that, but you'll need an income in the meantime. Freelance writers often have the freedom to set their own schedules while contracting out their writing for different types of companies. The average salary of a freelance writer is $40,000.
  • Novelist or Author - Depending on the audience you're writing for, and the success you can find with an agent, becoming a novelist or other type of author could be quite lucrative for an English major. Fiction and nonfiction are perhaps two of the most common types of authoring, though you could author a cookbook, a play, or other types of scripts. Authors make an average salary of $61,240.
  • Public Relations Specialist - Public relations doesn't just apply to marketing and advertising. Many PR specialists have to make a company look good when something goes wrong or edit a company's image. A deep understanding of the English culture and language is essential to these tasks. A PR specialist could make around $58,020.
  • Teacher - If you want to teach English to others, you will need to pursue a certificate in English education after you receive your BA in English. You could also pursue your graduate degree to teach in a higher education setting. English teachers make an average of $44,500 each year, and college English professors average $93,250.
  • Translator - To be a translator, you'll need to be fluent in both English and a second language. Often you can do a double major in college, so you get that second language, or you can minor in the second language. Translators are in high demand among companies that do a lot of business overseas. The average salary is around $46,000, though, with experience and perseverance, you could make up to $83,000.

Why Should You Choose Governors State University?

Applying for the English program at Governors State University is a huge step toward securing your future. As one of the most outstanding universities globally, we offer every student a stimulating experience that sets them up for success. At Governors State University, we focus on diversity, excellence, innovation, and responsibility while cultivating an environment perfect for learning. Some of our core values are to:

  • Prepare our students to not just become successful in the English industry but to thrive in it.
  • Demonstrate to our staff, faculty, and students how to celebrate different perspectives in the world.
  • Serve our community as we all work together toward a brighter future.
  • Invest in the personal and professional goals of the students who attend our university.
  • Provide our students the access needed for a first-class education in English.
  • Promote cultural, civic, professional, and personal growth in all of our students.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Future

Governors State University is the institution to choose when looking to continue your education working toward an English degree. Our staff and professors are ready to help you get on the right path. Contact us today by calling 708-534-5000 to discuss your future options.

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