Employers have a growing need for workers who possess high levels of both technical and managerial skills. The manufacturing sector today is a cutting edge, technology-driven industry in need of a new generation of workers who are capable of operating complex machines, leading others effectively, thinking critically and solving problems creatively.

Developing Leaders in Advanced Manufacturing

You’ve earned your A.A.S. in a manufacturing discipline and have completed at least 27 hours of technical coursework. Now take your education and your career to the next level with a Bachelor of Arts in Manufacturing Management. 

Manufacturing Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Manufacturing Management (new for Fall 2015) is the perfect next step for students who graduate from a manufacturing program at community colleges. The program is a career-oriented program that prepares students to become industry professionals capable of successfully managing human, mechanical, technological and financial resources in a manufacturing environment. 

GSU developed the BA in Manufacturing through a collaboration with Harper College and twenty other community colleges that are part of the Illinois Network for Advanced Manufacturing (INAM). Please see the INAM website for information about community college AAS programs in advanced manufacturing.

Fact Sheet: BA in Manufacturing Management