Program Competencies

Bachelor of Health Administration program is preparing students to meet the following six competences.

Business Skills and Knowledge:  Ability to discuss, explain and implement business skills and theories obtained throughout the program.

Knowledge of Health Care System and Delivery.  Ability to explain and apply the knowledge of the healthcare system and the delivery environment in which healthcare managers and providers function.  

Communication and Teamwork.  Ability to communicate (orally and in writing) clearly, logically, and grammatically correctly, and facilitate constructive interaction with groups and individuals.

Culture and Diversity. Ability to recognize, discuss, and apply knowledge of diverse epidemiological, ethical, and cultural health care needs and expectations.

Professionalism. Ability to align personal conduct with ethical and professional standards that include a service orientation and a commitment to lifelong learning.

Critical Thinking and Leadership.  Ability to assess complex environment, identify and set goals, guide teams toward achieving goals, develop creative solutions, set expectations, incorporate and apply management techniques and theories.