BHA students must meet the following requirements for graduation.

1. All courses must be a grade of “C” or better. Course Repeat Policy.

2. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required for graduation.

3. HLAD 4099- Health Administration Practicum – is a mandatory course and can only be taken during final semester. Students have to apply for participation in this course. More Information about this course is below.

  • a. The due dates for Application and Permission are June 15 for the Fall semester and October 15 for the Spring semester Practicum is only offered in the Fall and Spring.
  • b. In order to be eligible for a Practicum participation, a student must pass a background check, provide health insurance, professional liability insurance, and attend a pre-practicum orientation.
  • c. All general Education course must be completed.
  • d. Students must be available to work a minimum (maybe more) of 10 hours per week for a minimum of 150 hours in the healthcare organization, depending on the Practicum sites needs.
  • e. Department provides students with the Practicum placements based on the GSU criteria for Practicum sites eligibility.
  • f. Approval of practicum is contingent upon successful completion of courses in progress at the time of application. Failure to successfully pass a class will revoke your practicum and delay your graduation. This course is not offered in summer term.
  • g. HLAD 4099 and can only be taken with up to two other classes, HLAD 4901 being one of them.
  • h. More information about Practicum.

4. HLAD 4901 – Institutional Management for Health Care Organization, must be taken concurrently with HLAD 4099 in final semester. During this time, students may take one other upper division HLAD course. This course is not offered in summer term.

5. Students have to apply for graduation, this process does not happen automatically. Graduation occurs at the end of each semester, fall (December), spring (May) and summer (August).