Welcome from the Library Dean

Lydia Morrow Ruetten

Welcome to your Governors State University Library, the living room of the University. Our goal in the library is to offer all members of our GSU community access to the most valid and reliable knowledge and information needed to be a success in our highly competitive, global world.

If you are looking for a quiet study space, a smart room in which to collaborate with your group, help with researching a specific topic, or an art gallery in which to study, the GSU Library is the place for you! The library has faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping you, and our newly upgraded facilities offer comfort and a variety of locations where you can complete your work or study.

Please remember, whether you access the library in person or online, the GSU Library is your research resource 24/7.

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Lydia Morrow Ruetten, MLIS, MBA
Dean of the Library
Governors State University Library
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708.534.4564 (fax)
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