HLAD 4099: Health Administration Practicum.  Student Handbook.

  1. Carefully read the Practicum Information materials in the link provided (HLAD BHA Practicum Information)
  2. Complete all materials for the Practicum Application and submit them on or before the due date. (HLAD BHA Practicum Application Form)
  3. After your application materials are submitted and accepted, familiarize yourself with the Pre-Practicum Orientation Information. (HLAD BHA Pre-Practicum Orientation Information.  Phase One.)
  4. Attend the Pre-Practicum Orientation Information Session.
  5. Register for your Practicum HLAD 4099.
  6. If you are considering performing a Practicum at the location of your choice, please complete and submit the Contact Request Form  within a week after completing your mandatory Pre-Practicum Orientation and email this form to BHA Program Director, Dr. Natalia Rekhter at nrekhter@govst.edu
  7. Wait for the Instructor’s referral email and start scheduling your Practicum Placement interview (Practicum Placement Phase 2.)
  8. Preview the Syllabus… (Please note that the dates and requirements may change based on the changing healthcare environment and on the semester/year you are taking this class).