Internet Options for On Campus Living

Students and staff living in the Prairie Place residence hall have several options for connecting their computers to the Internet. GSU publishes [3] wireless SSID networks within the building that are designed for specific uses;


GSU-EMPLOYEES - Governors State Faculty/Staff only - Authentication required

GSU-STUDENT - Students with valid GSU network ID and password

GSU-GUEST - Any GSU guest or student - No authentication required but in order to utilize, a browser web page must be opened and a button clicked to continue.


The GSU-EMPLOYEES and GSU-STUDENT wireless networks utilize encryption [WPA2 - AES] and thus some devices will not support this level of encryption.  Potential examples shown below:

o    Kindle Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G
o    Xbox or Xbox Wireless Network Adapter
o    Sony PlayStation and Sony PSP
o    Nintendo Wii, DS, Ds and 3DS
o    Apple TV 1st and 2nd Generation
o    Nook v1.5
o    Roku HD/XD/XDS Streaming Playero    TiVo Wireless Network Adapter


Wired Connection Option

Each dorm room/suite also has a wired high speed Ethernet port connection that can be connected to an individual device such as an internet enabled TV, laptop, PC or game console.  Students are to provide their own ethernet cable to make the connection.   If a student requires more than one device to physically connect to the ethernet port they should purchase an unmanaged consumer grade switch.  An example switch is shown below at this link:


Personal Routers or Network Devices

GSU does not permit residents to install their own wireless routers.

If a personal wireless router is detected on the network, ITS will either block the IP or MAC address of the router, or block the entire port in the room. The student will then be contacted by a housing staff member or a  network engineer (depending on the severity and time of day).


More Wireless Information

The STUDENT and GUEST wireless SSID networks utilize the same shared bandwidth but the bandwidth is trafficked differently. 


The GSU_STUDENT network is open and allows for unlimited bandwidth but it is shared. Devices are in place that will cycle down usage based on the number or people on the network at a given time and limit bandwidth over utilization by one individual. 


The GSU_GUEST network has a limitation of 512kbps per user when connected.  This network was designed for simple web browsing rather than media streaming or gaming.  In addition if a student attempts to connect a gaming console or TV to the GUEST network it will more than likely not work as a portal page must be opened and button clicked to complete the connection.