Internet Options for On Campus Living

Students and staff living in the Prairie Place residence hall have several options for connecting their computers to the Internet. GSU has wireless networks within the building that are designed for specific uses;

  • GSU-EMPLOYEES - Governors State Faculty/Staff only - Authentication required
  • GSU-STUDENT - Students only - Authentication required

  • GSU-GUEST - Any GSU guest or student - No authentication required. A browser web page must be opened and click the Continue button in order to proceed with guest access.

Wired Connection Option

Each dorm room/suite has wired high speed Ethernet port connections that can be connected to an individual device such as an internet enabled TV, laptop, PC or game console. Students are to provide their own Ethernet cable to make the connection.

 Personal Routers or Network Switches

GSU does not permit residents to install their own wireless routers or network switches. If either of these devices are detected on the network, ITS will either block the device or the entire port in the room. The student will then be contacted by a housing staff member or ITS staff.