Governors State University is committed to offering an exceptional and accessible education that prepares students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed in a global society.

In order to fulfill this commitment, procedures have been established to foster open communication and ensure that we continuously improve our processes as a result of feedback from students. Should a student find it necessary to file a complaint, the information provided here will serve as a resource to help navigate the best option. 

We want to hear from you

We are committed to addressing comments, questions, and concerns related to your experience with Governors State University. As such, we value your feedback and are committed to using it to improve the experience for all students. 

Complaints vs. Grievances

A complaint is a concern about an action, practice, or decision within the control or responsibility of the University raised by a student that they believe should be changed to improve the overall quality of education and/or student experience.

A grievance is a matter to be investigated according to formal grievance processes as specified in the Student Handbook when a student believes a faculty member or administrator has made an error. This includes matters that are not able to be resolved through informal processes or mediation, and matters relating to allegations of misconduct where disciplinary action against a student or staff member may be an outcome of the investigation.    

  • Academic Grievances include academic issues, such as faculty and/or administrator's professional judgment related to the issuance of final grades, academic advising, and other academic related matters. Academic grievances are managed by the Academic Colleges and the Office of the Dean of Students has no authority for academic grievances. Please see Policy 5 for directions on submitting an Academic Grievance.
  • Non-Academic Grievances include university error related to non-academic issues, i.e. university error in enrollment & registration. To file a non-academic grievance with the Office of the Dean of Students, please follow the instructions below. 

How to File a Complaint or Grievance

The University encourages students to direct concerns first to the individual or department with whom the concern resides. There are staff in many offices to help resolve your concerns, questions, or complaints regarding University policies or actions. Please review the list below to direct your complaint to the appropriate staff. All complaints should be filed as soon as possible after the occurrence. A significant delay in reporting can make it more difficult to investigate and address a concern. Please note that knowingly furnishing false information to any University official is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. 

Complete the Student Complaints and Grievances Form if you are unable to resolve your concern after contacting the appropriate office or department as listed below. All communication will be sent to your GSU student e-mail.

Protection Against Retaliation

Under no circumstances will the filing of a complaint result in retaliation. Any student who has been retaliated against should contact the Office of the Dean of Students immediately. If appropriate, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) should be contacted in case of emergencies at 708.534.4900 or dial 911.

Questions & Contact Information

Questions about the Student Complaint or Grievance Process should be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at or 708-235-7595.

Filing Complaints with the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE)

If you attempted to file a complaint at the institutional level and were not successful, you may file a complaint with the Illinois Board of Higher Education using the Online Complaint System. If you have questions please call (217) 557-7359.

Submit A Complaint to Higher Learning Commission (HLC) About an Institution

Students, faculty, staff and members of the public may submit a complaint about an HLC-accredited or candidate institution. File a complaint.

NC-SARA Complaint Process

Students may also file a complaint through NC-SARA.


  • Academic / Course Concerns


    When minor academic concerns arise regarding a course, the student should review Policy 5 for information on academic grievance policy and procedures. The first step is addressing their concern with the faculty member or appropriate staff member with a goal of resolving the issue. 

    If the concern is not resolved at this level, the student should visit the Division/Department Chair for that academic area. If a complaint is not resolved, the student may file an academic grievance following Policy 5 with the appropriate Division/Department Chair and Dean.

    If your concern is related to the College of Business, please complete the College of Business Academic Grievance Form.

  • Academic Advising


    If a student has a concern regarding academic advising, the student should review Policy 5 for information on academic grievance policy and procedures. The first step is addressing their concern with the academic advisor with a goal of resolving the issue. 

    If the concern is not resolved by working directly with the advisor, the student may contact Tina Hughes Burke, Director of the Undergraduate Advising Center in C3385.

    If a complaint is not resolved, the student may file an academic grievance following Policy 5 within 30 days of the date of the occurrence.

  • Course Withdrawals & Refunds


    University refund policy ( provides for a refund/credit when students drop courses on or before the published refund deadline. Withdrawing from a course thereafter results in a “W” grade for the student, but the tuition charges and fees for the course remain. Students may withdraw from a course through their myGSU portal before the withdrawal deadline. In accordance with Policy 6 ( students can request a late withdrawal up until the last day of class through the Office of the Registrar.

    Tuition credits are not provided for course withdrawals with the exception of an University Error as determined through the Grievance Policy or approved Emergency Leave. If a student wishes to pursue a credit/refund for a course after dropping it beyond the published refund deadline, they may do so under the following two circumstances: University Error (Grievance Process) or Emergency Leave.

  • Discrimination, Harassment, or Sexual Violence


    Concerns or complaints pertaining to discrimination, harassment, or sexual violence should be directed to the Title IX Officer:

    Sandra Alvarado
    Title IX Coordinator
    Office: C1360

    Title IX Complaint Procedures may be found here:

  • Facilities & Grounds


    Concerns regarding custodial services, ground up-keep, preventative maintenance, and building maintenance should be submitted to the Facilities, Development, & Management Department

    Office: B1230
    Phone: 708.534.4514
    Website: Facilities, Development, & Management Website 

  • Financial Aid


    Questions or concerns about financial aid, FAFSA, refund disbursement, or scholarships should be directed to the Financial Aid Office:

    Phone: 708.534.4480

     To view your financial aid information:

    1. Log in to the myGSU portal at
    2. Click on the "Online Services" tab
    3. Click on "Financial Aid"


  • Parking & Transportation


    Concerns regarding parking and transportation, including the GSU Shuttle Service, should be directed to the Department of Public Safety.

    Office: C1375
    Phone: 708.534.4900

    Parking and shuttle information are available online:

  • Safety & Security


    To ensure your safety, the campus is patrolled 24 hours a day; 365 days a year by a team of State of Illinois certified police officers.  Please contact them if you need help. For police, fire or medical emergencies dial 911.

    Office: C1375

    Campus Security: 911 (Ext. 2911)
    GSU Police Department: 708.534.4900
    GSU Safety Escort: 708.534.4900

  • Student Accounts & Billing


    Concerns about tuition and fees, student accounts, and billing should be directed to the Cashier's Office:

    Office: C1336
    Phone: 708.534.4055
    Website: Student Accounts and Billing

  • Online, Distance Education, & Blackboard


    The Center for Online Teaching and Learning offers online tutorials and help at: 
    Username and password help are available from the IT Help Desk at 708.534.4357.
    Blackboard specific help is available at 708.534.4115 or through the Blackboard support form.

  • Other Complaints


    Complaints or grievances that cannot be resolved by the relevant office or procedures above may be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students through the Student Complaint Form. Formal complaints should be in writing and include a clear description of the issue and description of the efforts to resolve the concern.

  • Registration & Enrollment


    Questions regarding registration, enrollment, student information, commencment, or transcripts should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. More information online at

    Office: C1300
    Phone: 708.534.4500

  • University Housing


    University Housing/Prairie Place has a number of policies and procedures in place to enhance the security of our residents.  See the University Housing Handbook for details.

    Concerns about the Prairie Place Community should be directed to the University Housing:

    Office: C1330
    Phone: 708.235.7111