Student travel funds are currently available. There is limited funding that will be dispensed on a first come first serve basis. The Center for Student Engagement and Intercultural Programs provides funds for students to attend and/or present at conferences. Student travel is designed to enhance the student educational experience here at Governors State University.

Students who travel to represent GSU are required to fill out the student travel packet even if they are not requesting funding. All requests for travel must be reviewed and approved by the university prior to travel taking place. Once travel is approved, Student Life students are eligible to receive up to a $500 reimbursement. Students are responsible for making their own travel accommodations and will be reimbursed.

All travel funds are reimbursements only, Student Life will not advance funds for travel. If prior approval is not obtained before traveling, Student Life will not consider any reimbursements.

Note: Clubs funds are under the same rules as Student Life travel funds, reimbursement only.  Requests to utilize proceeds from fundraising activities for student travel will typically be approved providing the following guidelines are adhered to:

1) The organization’s by-laws specifically allow such use of these funds;

2) The Student Conference and Travel Fund packet is completed and submitted according to the required timeliness and includes a letter of support from one of a student’s faculty members; and

3) The organization’s account contains enough proceeds from fundraising activities to support the request.