Required Core Courses – All Specialty Tracks

(3 credits/ea. X 11 courses = 33 hours)

COUN 6600 Professional Orientation & Ethical Standards in Counseling:

  • • Provides an introduction to professional, ethical, legal, theoretical, and practical aspects of counseling. Students will examine the roles and responsibilities of counselors, professional organizations, and associations. Historical and social contexts along with emerging professional issues and directions are included.

COUN 6610 Research and Assessment:

  • • This course provides a basic introduction to psychometric issues related to assessment, evaluation and research in a multicultural society.

COUN 6630 Counseling Theories:

  • • Introduces students to the major theories in counseling and associated techniques. Summaries of applicable research are covered.

COUN 7620 Lifespan Developmental Issues:

  • • Students will analyze and conceptualize human developmental themes from the perspective of various learning and personality theorists. The counseling process, interventions, and strategies will be addressed in relation to the topical issues presented in the class.

COUN 7720 Social and Cultural Foundations:

  • • Study of the nature and needs of diverse groups in the context of societal changes and trends. Socioeconomic, multicultural, and subgroup changes and conflicts are considered. Social issues and trends in multicultural and diverse societies are examined.

COUN 7725 Family Systems: Theory and Practice:

  • • Introduces students to the theory, skills, and major approaches of family counseling, emphasizing the role of family systems in the maintenance of problem behavior. The decision of whether or not family counseling is the treatment of choice and the implications for intake methods are considered. Students will apply the concepts learned to a study of their own family that describes the dynamics involved. Ethical and training considerations are discussed.

COUN 7730 Lifestyle and Career Development:

  • • Examines career development theories; occupational and educational information sources and systems; career and leisure counseling guidance and education; lifestyle and career decision-making; and career development program planning, resources, and evaluation.

COUN 7810 Beginning Counseling & Human Relational Skills:

  • • Provides students with experience in human relations laboratory, focusing on basic communication skills and the development of beginning counseling skills.

COUN 7847 Group Dynamics and Intervention:

  • • Application of basic knowledge of the roles, functions, and dynamics among group leaders and group participants; covers group process theory and the research pertaining to group process; students analyze the interaction within a group.

COUN 7855 Assessment and Treatment Planning:

  • • Covers interviewing and intake skills, including diagnostic assessment, psychosocial history, case notes, case summary, treatment format and planning, and evaluation of treatment effectiveness. Students are required to work with actual client(s).

COUN 8811 Interventions w/Children & Adolescents:

  • • Trains students in the knowledge, skills, and techniques of individual and family play therapy to treat various problems that affect children, adolescents, and families. Students will practice techniques in class and with healthy volunteer children/families.

Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Specialty Courses

(3 credits/ea. X 9 courses = 27 hours)

ADDS 6100 Psychopharmacology & Substance Abuse Counseling (3)

  • • Reviews the functions of the human nervous system before exploring the basic principles of psychopharmacology. Examines the historical patterns of use and development, the physiological mechanisms of action, and the various effects resulting from drug use.

COUN 6625 Sex Therapy (3)

  • • Participants in this course will learn about how to assess and intervene with sexual issues. The main focus is to help mental health professionals demonstrate the ability to discuss and assess sexual issues and demonstrate the ability to create basic interventions related to sex and sexuality.

COUN 8825 Advanced Family Systems (3)

  • • Participants will learn about evidenced-based couples counseling and how couples counseling is different from other forms of counseling. Students learn about models, techniques, and research related to working with couples.

COUN 8842 Practicum I: Individual & Vocational Counseling (3)

  • • Beginning application of theory and practice in individual and vocational counseling and therapy with adults.

COUN 8845 Practicum II: Individual & Vocational Counseling (3)

  • • Advanced application of theory and practice in individual and vocational counseling and therapy with adults.

COUN 8848 Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counseling (3)

  • • Introduces students to an overview of crisis intervention, crisis intervention models, and trauma counseling for individuals, groups, organizations and communities. Counseling strategies and techniques for dealing with individual, group and organizational crises in a variety of settings will be explored. Types of crises include suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault/rape, school and community violence, military trauma, terrorism and natural disaster.

COUN 8859 Family and Couples Counseling (3)

  • • Introduces applied practice of family and couples counseling approaches, concepts, and techniques. Covers modern and postmodern theories and trains students to begin to apply them in counseling families and couples. Emphasizes both live and team supervision.

COUN 8981 Counseling Internship I (3)

  • • Student is placed in an agency setting and expected to perform a variety of agency and counseling related activities for a minimum of 600 hours (in combination with COUN-8882), including a minimum of 240 hours of direct client contact.

COUN 8982 Counseling Internship II (3)

  • • Student is placed in an agency setting and expected to perform a variety of agency and counseling related activities. This is a continuation of Internship I.

Program Contact Information

Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling Track Lead:

Ileana Ungureanu, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Psychology and Counseling
Governors State University
1 University Parkway, Rm G305
University Park, IL 60484

Counseling Program Coordinator:

Leonis S. Wright, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Division of Psychology & Counseling
Governors State University
1 University Parkway, G326
University Park, IL 60484

For Admissions and Academic Advising Information:

Naomi Fenton
Academic Advisor
Division of Psychology and Counseling
Governors State University
1 University Parkway, Rm G304
University Park, IL 60484