Will I receive credits for studying abroad?


Most programs do have credit associated with them. The Office of International Services (OIS) will work with you and with your academic advisor to determine whether the credits can apply toward your degree program while you are abroad. If you do not need the credit, some GSU faculty-led programs offer the option to audit the course for $75 instead of paying for tuition.

How can I use the credits that I earn abroad?


Most students use their credits to fulfill their general education requirements. Depending on your area of study and which program you choose, these credits may also count toward your major or minor. It is important to consult with your academic advisor as early as possible to see which requirements you can fulfill abroad. This way, you can avoid taking classes twice and make sure you still graduate in four years.

How much more does it cost to go abroad than to stay on campus?


The costs per programs vary greatly depending on destination and the length of stay. However, OIS will work with you and with the academic department to make the trip as affordable as possible. Please speak with OIS to determine the costs for your program.

Will I still receive my financial aid?


Speak with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that you are able to use any eligible aid to help cover the costs of your study abroad program. Additionally, study abroad scholarships may also be available for certain programs. Contact seetheworld@govst.edu if you have further questions.

What year should I go abroad?


Students may go abroad at any time during their stay at Governors State University, as long as you have completed at least 24 credit hours at a U.S. higher education institution. However, depending on your major and the program you choose there may be times that fit better with your academic plan. You should consult with your academic advisor and with OIS to see when would be the best time for you to go.

Do I need a Foreign Language?


Not necessarily. Many of the short-term faculty-led trips are designed for students that do not require any foreign language competency. Additionally, many third-party study abroad programs are designed in a similar fashion so that the main language of instruction is English. Please meet with OIS to find a program that is right for you.

Do I need a Foreign Language?


It is recommended that students apply to study abroad two semesters in advance, though students may begin inquiring sooner. Please meet with your academic advisor and OIS as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of studying abroad.