Faculty-Led Program Submission

Are you a faculty member interested in developing a study abroad program?

Developing a faculty-led study abroad program is more demanding and involves a great deal more responsibility than planning and developing on-campus courses. A program leader ensures learning outcomes, administers first aid, provides care, disciplines students, makes on-the-spot decisions, and is on duty twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the program.

The Office of International Services assists faculty during the planning and development process of a study abroad program. Program submission must be done at least one year in advance. All program proposal submissions for the following academic year are due by May 1.

The Faculty-led Study Abroad Packet should be completed and submitted to OIS in order to gain program approval.

Please contact Associate Director of the Office of International Services, Rene Gosch, to request the packet, if you need more details, or have any questions.

Dr. Rhea
 My name is Dr. David Rhea. I am a Professor of Communication, Director of CJY, Honors, and UG Research Program. I teach HONS 4900 Honors Seminar abroad in Rome. 

Dr. West
My name is Dr. Phyllis West. I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work. In 2016, 2017, and 2018 I have led three student groups to provide public health service learning in Nicaragua. 


Dr. Lorelle

My name is Sonya Lorelle. I teach in the counseling program. I have lead several study abroad programs for the counseling and education programs in December 2016, January 2018, and May 2018. 

Dr. Hisrich1  

My name is Katy Hisrich. At Governors State University, I teach courses in Education, specifically Early Childhood. I have taught Education and Counseling in Slovenia for the College of Education in May 2018. 

Dr. Ermasova

My name is Dr. Natalia Ermasova. I am Associate Professor of Public Finance at Governors State University. I taught Business and Culture in Eastern Europe abroad.