Are you a faculty member interested in developing a study abroad program?

Developing a faculty-led study abroad program is more demanding and involves a great deal more responsibility than planning and developing on-campus courses. A program leader ensures learning outcomes, administers first aid, provides care, disciplines students, makes on-the-spot decisions, and is on duty twenty-four hours a day for the duration of the program.

The Office of International Services assists faculty during the planning and development process of a study abroad program. Program submission must be done at least one year in advance. All program proposal submissions for the following academic year are due by May 1.

The Faculty-led Study Abroad Packet should be completed and submitted to OIS in order to gain program approval.

Please contact Associate Director of the Office of International Services, Andrew Pitts , to request the packet, if you need more details, or have any questions.

David Rhea(2)
 My name is Dr. David Rhea. I am a Professor of Communication, Director of CJY, Interim Dean of the Dr. Curtis J. and Mrs. Gina Crawford Honors College, and UG Research Program. I teach HONS 4900 Honors Seminar abroad in Rome. My most recent trip was in the summer of 2023. 

Natalia Ermasova

My name is Dr. Natalia Ermasova. I am Associate Professor of Public Finance at Governors State University. I taught Business and Culture in Eastern Europe abroad. Recently, I taught in Rome during the summer time in 2023. 

Nicole Bing
 My name is Nicole Bing. I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Disorders. I currently teach Language Disorders: Later Stages and Speech Sound Disorders in Children in the graduate program in Communication Disorders. During the summer of 2023, I participated in a study abroad trip to Ghana. 

Phyllis Wright 2023
My name is Dr. Phyllis West. I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Social Work.  I have led three student groups to provide public health service learning in Nicaragua. 


Sonya Lorelle(2)

My name is Sonya Lorelle. I teach in the counseling program. I have lead several study abroad programs for the counseling and education programs. 

Katy E. Hisrich  

My name is Katy Hisrich. At Governors State University, I teach courses in Education, specifically Early Childhood. I have taught Education and Counseling in Slovenia for the College of Education.